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Every room, every home, and each household has some type of wardrobe or storage cabinet – no matter where you are in the world.

But when you’re looking for a more customised and special piece, the standard wardrobe design just doesn’t cut it. You want an extra flair to the room through your wardrobe but you don’t know what to do.

A customised wardrobe is the solution to your design problems.

Wardrobes help with organising and providing aesthetics to a space that generally looks barren and bare.

But what if you don’t know what type of wardrobe suits your style? Or what type of materials are even available? What type of wardrobe is best fitted to my current space?

If the confusion speaks to you, this article is for you. We will go into the types of wardrobe you would want to get depending on the space and the type of room you want and how to organise and take care of your wardrobe.

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Best types of wardrobes for a bedroom

There are many types of wardrobes to choose from. But not all are suited to your current space. Wardrobes that are great for flats might differ from those that are well suited for those with a bungalow that have a lot of space.

It’s a good thing wardrobes can be exactly the size you want them to be!

Wardrobes also have their own sense of style, whether it might be wooden or made of some other material that blends into your place’s look and style.

Their designs can be different as well, based on your preferences and wardrobe needs.

If you are looking for a new wardrobe, here are some examples of standard wardrobe types that are available:

Hinged wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes are one of the most popular types of closets in the market today, making them easily accessible. The design is simple and very straightforward. The door is hinged, hence the name Hinged wardrobe.

Hinged wardrobes give a very classic look and feel to space especially when the material used is wood.

The typical “out-of-the-catalogue” hinged wardrobe requires more space compared to other types of wardrobes. You would need to take into account the length and width of the space plus the additional length of when you open the hinged doors.

If the typical size doesn’t fit your space, you can opt for a customised product.

The hinged doors have a wide range of materials and colours in shops, giving you the perfect chance to pick a wardrobe fitting to the theme of your room or the size of it.

Mirror wardrobes

Mirror wardrobes are perfect for adding a sense of dimension in your room. They provide brightness to any room as mirrors are known to make any space look larger and help light bounce off walls better.

The mirror reflects natural light into your room giving a natural effect. This type of wardrobe is perfect for spaces that are small such as flats or dormitories.

Sliding wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are more of a modern take of the traditional Hinged Wardrobe. It gives a sleek, modern aesthetic to a room.

Depending on the length and the width of your room, the sliding doors can have either four or eight doors. If customised well enough, it can be less or more than the standard.

This type of wardrobe is great when you have little space in your home. It becomes the most space-efficient type of closet because the doors slide to the side compared to the hinged doors that take up space upon opening.

The sliding doors have many types of materials to choose from with the right company.

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Organising your wardrobe

Do you often look at your wardrobe and think, “I have too many clothes, I need more space”?

Many of us think that we need to add more storage to house the things we have accumulated. But in reality there’s still a lot more space in your wardrobe than you think. You just need to optimise it to the items you currently have and take into account how you use these items.

You’ll find yourself having more space than you need!

Here are some tips on how to organise your wardrobe and things to create the best space possible.

Arrange your clothes by category

A great way of knowing where to store things while remaining efficient in space is to sort your clothes properly.

When fixing your wardrobe, it can become difficult to keep organised when you toss everything into a single pile on the bottom of the floor. Organising your clothes neatly can help you decide where to put your things in the wardrobe and it helps you maximise space.

This is also an appropriate time to see which clothes you rarely use. Keep the unwanted or unworn clothes you’ve been hoarding and keep those that you love.

Empty out your wardrobe and clean it

Empty everything from your wardrobe whether it would be clothes or objects. When you are finished sorting everything about, clean the wardrobe well before putting everything back in.

Take out everything that is still in the wardrobe so you know what you are going to do about it in terms of space. With the wardrobe completely clean and devoid of clutter, it will be easier for you to fix everything into place inside of it.

Just make sure you wait for the wet parts to dry after cleaning before you start putting things back. You might soak your clothing.

Design your wardrobe space

With your wardrobe cleaned out, it’s time for you to design your wardrobe. Take a look at your wardrobe first. The wardrobe can have many spaces and areas where you can put items like boxes to properly organise your things in there.

With that you can easily access and get things out as well as have less stress finding the clothes you want to wear for the day.

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