Add resale value to your home with sliding wardrobe doors

If you know you’ll sell your home someday you’re always thinking about those little improvements that will add lots of value for you, and the next owner to enjoy.  Flooring and appliances may come to mind first, but according to The Telegraph, you can add a significant amount of value by installing highly coveted storage solutions, especially in your bedrooms.

Shelving, rods and hooks do assist in organising clothing and accessories, but for a more efficient and aesthetic way to expand the amount of storage in your bedrooms you may want to try customised sliding wardrobe doors.  A high quality set of sliding doors not only adds storage space; it creates atmosphere and elegance to every bedroom, inspiring viewers to imagine matching furniture and accessories that can be purchased later, as the designing progresses.

We at Superglide have been helping people add value (as well as sanity) to their bedrooms for twenty-five years.  As a family run business team we have plenty of experience buying, improving and reselling property.  Realtors appreciate the valuable and aesthetic touch that our doors lend a property.   Our storage solution can actually help realtors show the properties on the market whose owners aren’t the neatest types, by simply hiding their mess behind our sturdy, stylish easy-to-open (and close) doors.

Hand made in Wiltshire our made-to-measure range of fitted storage solutions comes in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles, bound to match the look you’ve already created (or are in the process of creating) in your bedroom.  We offer both sliding doors and hinged doors.  They are steel framed with a generous array of laminate finishes.  Whether you prefer oak, walnut, beech, maple, pear, or an eclectic mix of multiple finishes, we can manufacture cabinets to fit your taste, space and lifestyle.

Once we’ve helped you create your storage solutions, you may be inspired to purchase our matching bespoke bedroom furniture and bedside cabinets. Customizing chests, drawers and interiors to your specifications is our specialty.  Your new bedroom can usually be delivered within three weeks. So if you haven’t yet begun decorating, why not set the tone with your sliding wardrobe doors?  When you see all the choices we have to present, you’ll realise your investment will enhance your property with not only storage space, but elegance as well.  Our design styles include Cotswold, Millennium, Oriental, Full Length  – and any hybrid style you can dream up!

And once you’ve designed your dream bedroom suite our Superglide team will deliver it free of charge!   We can come to your home and take precise measurements of the space you’ve allocated for storage, or can come see, touch and try out our cabinets yourself at our show room in Coleshill.  We realise how busy you are and how many home improvement decisions you have to make, so we offer viewings by appointment.  For a pleasant visit bound to inspire creative ways of adding value to your investment, ring David for an appointment today.

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Dave Collins
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