The Sliding Wardrobe Door Specialists


We have a variety of designs and styles for your sliding door wardrobe.

Our wardrobe doors are bespoke and made to order, meaning they will perfectly fit your room. Click here to find out how to properly measure for a new wardrobe.

Click one of the designs and you can find out more about the particular design you’ve chosen. When you click “build your own” you will be brought to our virtual wardrobe builder. Here you can put in your wardrobe measurements, pick how many doors you would like and what kind of material you want. We have various types of wood, coloured panels and glass to choose from, but if that doesn’t suit you then we also provide mirror doors. See how your ideal design will look before you buy!

We also have a range of wardrobe accessories to choose from. Drawers, shelves and columns will complement any wardrobe nicely and provide extra storage space.