Your living room should be your place for relaxation and entertainment. However, if you don’t use the right furniture, small living spaces tend to look cluttered which can be stressful to be in. Make your living room more interesting by trying the ideas listed below:

Use mirrors

The strategy of interior designers for small areas is that they hang large mirrors in the centre to make the space larger and to create a focal point. You can also position the large mirror across a window to reflect the view from the outside and give the illusion of a larger room and to add a nice ambience to your living room.

Keep neutral colours

Using neutral colours in your small living room enlarges the area and create a sophisticated and calming environment. This is also the most recommended colours for ceiling, walls, furniture and floors. If you’re not into an all-white room, using off-whites and beige can also help expand the space.

Bring the eye up

If your living room has a high ceiling, you can decorate the extra space that draws the eye from floor up to the ceiling to make the room appear bigger than it actually is. A room has a horizontal and vertical dimension that you can take advantage. You can put an artwork that has minimal designs to make the room larger and is interesting for your guests.

Choose the right furniture

When choosing furniture for your living room, you should imagine how it feels when you already have it in your home, it’s important that your furniture makes your space light and airy. If you have a tight space, the weight of your furniture may be based on its colour, size and design.

Select tables that have legs than the boxy ones, glass coffee tables are also a good choice since they consume less visual space than wooden tables. Additionally, when you shop for furniture, choose light or pale colours over darker shades as they tend to make the room heavy and tight.

Replace your cabinets

Complete a living room with storage ideas that won’t overpower the space of the room. In a tight area, the function is what matters the most. Replace your cabinets with sliding doors so you can put more things in the area you are saving to open and close its doors.

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