The Sliding Wardrobe Door Specialists


Looking for that ultimate piece to finish off your room?

A bureau, a bar area, a window seating area to admire the view from your home, your very own dressing area or maybe extra storage units to compliment your existing colour scheme in the kitchen. If you have a space in a room at home that is missing that final touch then let’s have a chat and see how we can help.

At Superglide we design and manufacture different types of additional furniture that we can build into specific areas so you get the most from your room.

Loft spaces

With more and more people now building up into their loft’s, we know that this can be an awkward space for a standard wardrobe to fit in. Every loft conversion is slightly different so we will chat through exactly what you want to use the storage for which allows us to design a solution that can best fit in what you need.

Superglide bespoke builds are built to exact dimensions, whether we need to fit into the eaves or work with a pitched ceiling, we will make use of every space possible to provide a seamless finish for you..

Dressing rooms

We also design and build dressing rooms, do you have a room at home that just doesn’t get used anymore? Do you have clothes, shoes and accessories busting out of every crevice? Then maybe this is worth considering to get a little order back in your home.

You may have a room that you don’t require sliding or hinged doors in front and want everything open to view, we can build storage for rails for clothes, shelving units with or without drawers or even pull out shelves to show off all of your shoes and handbags.

Give yourself that ultimate dream room to store and organise all of your items, everything is built to your specification in a finish of your choice.

Desks/Study areas

Has the past year allowed you to spend more time working from home? We have had so many enquiries from people who have had to adapt since 2020, who quite like their new way of working but the kitchen table just isn’t cutting it anymore so, have felt they need to create the right space to be a productive working environment.

In our gallery you will see examples of previous jobs we have carried out to spec.

Kitchen storage

Extra storage can always be useful within the kitchen!  We can match in as close as possible to existing furniture you already have.

Of supplier of drawer runners and drawer accessories is Blum. Blum are a well known brand throughout the industry, they are famous for being the leaders in pull out systems.

When you work with Superglide, you have peace of mind that we will make good use of these areas all bespoke to sizes and Height, width or depth along with a vast choice of colours and finished off with your own personal choice of handles..

Our furniture is all made from 18mm thick carcasses, along with the bases for our drawers using the same thickness so none of our drawers will give way over a period of time.

We pride ourselves on quality, we want our furniture to last and be well loved along the way

Whether it’s a bedside chest or cabinets, dressing table, hinged cupboards or wardrobes, under stair storage area, bay window storage, lounge cupboards and display cabinets, bookcases, awkward spaces or anything different we definitely have the materials and skill to make this bespoke and personalised to suit you.

You bring the idea and we will bring it to life.

For more ideas and guidance on making the most of your space please call 01793 861584 or email for more information.