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Clothes storage can be a challenge for anyone, but especially so if you’re living in a tiny apartment. There are many ways to make the most of your space. This blog post will give you some great ideas on storing clothing and other items in small spaces.

15 Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Not having enough space for your clothes and accessories can lead to an overstuffed cupboard. By trying out some cupboard organisation hacks, you can transform a cluttered wardrobe into a functional, well-organised storage area. Here are a few DIY cupboard organisation ideas on a budget for making the most of your cupboard space.

1. Work on decluttering your wardrobe

Before using the rest of the tips below, it’s best to start by clearing out the mess to see where your storage issues lie and estimate the amount of space available to you. Decluttering also allows you to categorise your items for better organisation. In decluttering, you dispose of things that you don’t need. These can be clothes you no longer wear or don’t fit anymore.

2. Use smart hanger solutions

One tip is to get a matching hanger set, as this helps to keep your clothes neatly separated, thus saving wardrobe space. Another benefit of matching hangers is that it minimises visual clutter. You can also opt to use two hangers at the same time. Using a fizzy drink can tab or some lightweight chain, you can connect two hangers, effectively doubling the space you can use for hanging.

3. Double your clothing rods

A great storage idea for bedrooms with small spaces is adding more rods to your cupboard. If you need extra hanging space, you can simply move your clothing rod higher. This provides you with a lot of usable space below, allowing you to mount a second rod. With a second rod, you can store twice as much clothing.

4. Categorise your items and store them appropriately

This tip will allow you to quickly locate certain clothes or accessories. Group similar items together. Keep your scarves in the same place, and hang your skirts together. Workout clothes should be separated from your nightwear, and so on. When it comes to placements, store your everyday essentials and clothing you most frequently wear at eye level.

5. Use baskets and bins

Boxes, bins and baskets are perfect for maximising your wardrobe space. Stackable bins, in particular, can help you make the most of every inch of cupboard space. Clear containers are also useful since they make it easy to identify the contents of each box without having to dig through them. You can put wire baskets and clear bins on your shelves, while open boxes can be used for storing rolled clothing in drawers. Don’t forget to label your containers, so you can easily track where everything is.

6. Store seasonal items away

If you have extra space atop your cupboard, you can store your out-of-season clothes and rarely used items there. You can use dust-proof bins as protective storage for stuff like swimsuits and snow clothes. You can also opt to store the bins under your bed to free up more space in your wardrobe.

7. Know which clothes are better hung, rolled or folded

Knowing how to store your clothing is crucial because it not only gives you more space but also ensures that your clothes stay in top condition. All items that require ironing or are wrinkle-prone should be hung up. Some examples are linen clothing, dresses, trousers, jackets and flowy fabrics. Fold bulky clothes, such as heavy sweaters and activewear. Meanwhile, you can roll clothing, such as socks, underwear and wrinkle-proof shirts, and store them in drawers.

8. Use efficient folding techniques

Are you the type of folding clean laundry in a rush before storing it haphazardly? This can eat up valuable wardrobe and drawer space, create clutter and result in wrinkled clothing. To avoid this, you can practice efficient folding techniques that provide you with more space in your cupboard and drawers.

9. Use a hanging organiser

A hanging organiser is a classic DIY wardrobe organiser idea. It lets you maximise vertical space by keeping your items organised yet easily accessible. Some organisers can store clothes such as folded shirts and sweaters. Others also come with a removable hamper, which is ideal for dirty clothes or as extra storage.

10. How to use shower rings

You can roll up or stack thick scarves, but hanging them up using shower rings is more effective. Hanging them this way can prevent the scarves from becoming wrinkled. Plus, you can see and access them more easily.

11. Make use of dividers

Dividers can transform an overstuffed drawer into an organised one. They also help you find your favourite accessory, swimsuit or socks within seconds. You can make DIY dividers using colourful scrapbook paper. Meanwhile, cupboard dividers can help you better sort your dresses, trousers, skirts and tops.

12. Maximise all vertical space

Take advantage of extra wall spaces for storing smaller items such as your accessories. You can use hooks to hang your hats, belts, purses or scarves. This creates more space in your drawers and wardrobe and helps you avoid tangled jewellery. For sunglasses, you can opt for a DIY display that showcases your frames in all their glory.

13. Take advantage of your cupboard door space

Traditional wardrobe doors use hinges and open out into your room. Sometimes this means that you have to make sure there is space in your space limited room for this. When you use sliding doors you can instantly free up some much-needed space for a bigger, better, more comfortable bed.

14. Use a lazy susan

A lazy susan or a rotating tray is a convenient storage solution. Use it to organise your beauty and self-care products and save valuable shelf space.

15. Display your clothes

Looking for ways how to store clothes without a cupboard or dresser? How about installing a no-wardrobe storage system against an empty wall? If you don’t want to put your clothes on display, you can also opt to conceal them with drapes.

Having an organised system for your clothing, accessories, and other items starts with your cupboard. If you need a bespoke wardrobe solution that can help you maximise your space, look no further than Superglide. Get in touch with us now.

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