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A wardrobe is a staple part of any bedroom; it stores your clothes, holds your other items and acts as a focal point of furniture.

There are various types and styles of wardrobe to choose from, let’s explore some of them.

Free-standing wardrobe

These are the most common type of wardrobe and are available in many different shapes and sizes. The biggest perk to having one of these wardrobes is that you can usually find a style to match the rest of the decor in your bedroom – some wardrobes come in sets with bed frames, dressing tables and more, all in the same style and colour.

If you get tired of your bedroom layout and want to rearrange, this type of wardrobe can be easily moved.

Fitted wardrobe

This kind of wardrobe is fitted into a space in your room and cannot be moved. The main benefit of a fitted-wardrobe is the extra space it gives you; a free-standing wardrobe can sometimes look bulky and take up a lot of room, whereas fitted wardrobes are designed to maximise the space. Fitted wardrobes are bespoke, which means they are measured to fit specifically in any space you want.

Sliding-door wardrobe

Sliding-doors are a great addition to any fitted wardrobe. These kinds of wardrobe doors are fitted onto tracks which enable them to roll smoothly and easily, meaning you have quick access to your things. They often come in a range of colours and styles which can suit the rest of your decor and can easily give a modern and stylish look to your bedroom.

Walk-in wardrobe

When you think of walk-in wardrobes you often think of luxury and wealth! Walk-in wardrobes allow you to have a large amount of space to store clothes, accessories and more. Some of these wardrobes also have enough space for an island unit inside, providing even more storage space, and some include extra furniture like chairs and sofas.

The costs of this type of wardrobe can be hefty, and you also need to have enough space for one in your bedroom – as a result, this type of wardrobe is usually reserved for those with a lot of money or those who have a lot of clothes to store.

If you’re considering a new wardrobe for your bedroom, then get in touch with us today. We offer a range of sliding door wardrobes in various styles, bespoke to suit your needs!

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