Summer entertaining spaces are open! Summer is here, COVID-19 regulations have relaxed, and now you can invite your friends and family to your house for a barbeque. We’ve got a few home bar ideas to inspire you for summer celebrations.

Why You Need a Home Bar

A fun night at the bar with friends is something that many people look forward to. Having drinks, talking and laughing makes for unforgettable moments.

Building your own bar keeps the party going and provides a gathering spot on your property. So whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you want to do some renovations, a home bar is worth looking into, particularly if you want a dedicated space for entertaining friends and family.

This year, 1 in 13 UK-based homeowners expressed interest in building a home bar. Home bars rank 6th on the list of things UK homeowners prefer spending money on, according to Rated People. This indicates shifting priorities among homeowners towards building areas for socialising, with home bars scoring higher than home gyms, new kitchens and new porches.

Why Choose an Indoor Bar Setup?

An indoor home bar is one of the most effective ways of taking full advantage of every available corner of a room in your home. An indoor home bar design can offer you various great benefits. For one, it can serve as a great entertainment area without sacrificing space since it can be incorporated into small rooms.

Indoor home bars help make entertaining at home more enjoyable and, at the same time, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Further, indoor home bars can be more cost-effective than going to a bar on a night out.

Many people place their home bar next to their kitchen or living room, but it can also serve as a great addition to basements or another spare room in your house. Your bar can be designed to suit your personal tastes and needs, so it matches the theme and décor of your home.

Indoor Home Bar Ideas

A home bar can be decorated in various ways. You may have an extensive bottle collection and require a large entertaining area, or you may prefer a hidden bar design. Here are some home bar ideas to get you started.

Transform your wardrobe into a bar

By transforming your wardrobe into a home bar, you can hide it from view while still being accessible during special occasions or for a relaxing evening drink.

Or, if you have a fitted wardrobe in a spare room, you can also use that for holding your collection of spirits, glassware, mixers and more. The sliding doors of the wardrobe can be opened to reveal a serving bar.

Create a bar out of your bookcase

Like the above idea, you can also build a home bar out of your bookcase. Books and bottles are similar in size, making library shelves excellent home bar furniture.

Divide a room with a counter

Thinking of dividing a room into separate areas? Put up a counter, so you can divide the room to your liking. Then, place comfortable and height-appropriate bar stools that complement the adjacent room’s colour scheme.

Utilise pull-out drawers

Using pull-out drawers as your home bar allows you to maximise storage space without compromising convenience. You can use the bottom drawer for tall bottles and the top drawer to store shorter bottles. Meanwhile, glassware, carafes and other bar items can be stored on upper shelves. You can also include a beer pump for your home bar and decorative items for an added touch of fun to your space.

Why Choose an Outdoor Bar Setup?

Outdoor bars offer homeowners many benefits that they may not be aware of. The main perk is that an accessible outdoor bar enhances the enjoyment of casual outdoor meals. It’s a valuable asset when hosting parties or events. If you don’t have an outdoor bar, serving drinks and meals can become a chore, as you’ll have to step inside to mix drinks or retrieve refreshments. This means running from one area of your home to another throughout the event.

A patio bar lets you enjoy a refreshing drink in the summertime, unwind and take in the surroundings. Aside from this, a well-designed outdoor space can enhance a home’s assessed value since it provides a more comfortable atmosphere while also adding aesthetic appeal. Finally, an outdoor bar is economical in the long run, as it reduces dining out costs.

Outdoor Bar Ideas

Outdoor bars can instantly transform your garden, no matter your style. Read on for some outdoor bar design ideas.

Make use of a bar cart

For those with limited space, you can use a small cart as a space-saving solution for your home barn. It can be placed anywhere on your deck, patio or garden. Apart from taking up less space, it will still serve your purpose if you have visitors over.

Go for an open-kitchen bar concept

Depending on how your kitchen is positioned in relation to your deck or patio, you might be able to implement the open bar concept. If your kitchen and patio are connected by a restaurant-like bar window, serving drinks and meals will be easy.

Combine an outdoor bar with greenery

It only makes sense to enjoy a little greenery while you’re outside. You can combine a simple wooden bar and a potted plant arrangement or wooden trellis with climbing plants for a nature-filled experience. This creates a great area for a family meal or just a cup of coffee.

Consider a poolside bar

If your home has a pool (or hot tub), you can get the most out of your summers by building an outdoor bar next to it. Having a bar and grill at the poolside keeps everything close by.

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