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Bespoke fitted wardrobes are the perfect way to organise your clothing and create a luxurious space for your home. When you invest in bespoke fitted wardrobes, not only will you have more space but they will be easier to maintain as well. You’ll spend less time cleaning and organising because everything is organised by type of garment rather than just thrown into one big pile.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are also so much better at keeping clothes fresh because they are designed with optimal airflow to keep them from smelling musty or developing mould growth due to dampness. The good news is that bespoke fitted wardrobes can be customised according to your needs, whether that’s storage for shoes or drawers for accessories like jewellery or scarves.

Benefits of a Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

Maximum customisation

With a fitted wardrobe, your customisation options are endless. It can be tailored to your needs, your room, the items you plan on storing, your style preferences and more. Bespoke solutions enable you to get the wardrobe of your dreams without going over your budget. Since the prices for bespoke fitted wardrobes vary, this allows for flexibility in your budget.

Perfect Fit

True to its name, a bespoke wardrobe means that it’s a perfect fit for your room. Unlike ready-made products, you won’t have to worry about finding a wardrobe with a design that you like but then getting disappointed that its measurements are not a match for your room. Another perk is that maintaining space in wardrobes will be a breeze. Cramped spaces and clutter are reduced with bespoke wardrobes.


A fitted wardrobe is made to last. By investing in bespoke wardrobes, you get to handpick materials that guarantee durability and long-lasting performance. Bespoke solutions also involve attention to detail and care. This ensures that the wardrobes last long so that customers can enjoy them for many years to come.

Factors to Consider in Creating Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Below are some factors you should consider when creating your fitted wardrobe. We’ll also mention some bespoke fitted wardrobe ideas that you can use.

1. Location

A primary factor to consider is where you’re planning on placing the wardrobe. Your target location can dictate the style of your wardrobe, its usage and overall build. Are you looking to install a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom? Do you prefer installing it in your studies or home office?

After choosing which room you want the wardrobe placed in, the next step is to decide the specific location of its installation. If it’s in your bedroom, are you planning on having it close to your bed? Do you want to place it in a specific corner? The same thing goes for home offices. To help you decide on the most optimal wardrobe location, don’t hesitate to consult the experts for advice.

2. Size

How big do you want your fitted wardrobe to be? Do you prefer it as big as possible, or are you going for a wardrobe that lets you maximise the space in a small room? Customised solutions can cater to your needs and requirements. This lets you make the most out of your space and budget.

3. Style

There are numerous bespoke fitted wardrobe designs that you can choose from depending on your needs and style. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic, minimalist, modern or chic look for your wardrobe, customisation options can provide what you’re looking for. Additionally, you can select from different colours and finishes to further customise your wardrobe.

You’ll also have to choose from different bespoke fitted wardrobe door designs. The common types are as follows:

  • Sliding door: A wardrobe with sliding doors is visually appealing and easy to use. They occupy less space, making them ideal for smaller rooms and cramped spaces.
  • Hinged or swing doors: Hinged wardrobe doors are more traditional and give you a complete look at what’s inside your wardrobe.
  • Mirrored doors: You have the option of getting wardrobe doors that are partially or fully mirrored. These doors combine functionality and style.

4. Material

You can choose the different materials to use for your fitted wardrobe, from wood to glass and more. Wardrobes made out of wood—whether it’s beech, oak, walnut or maple—give off a classic look. The laminate gives you more versatile design choices. It’s also durable and highly resistant to scratches.

MDF is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly material. Meanwhile, glass wardrobes are perfect for brightening a room and making a space look bigger.

5. Storage

How you plan to store away clothes and other items in your wardrobe is another essential factor to consider. It’s all about how you want your closet to look in terms of organisation. For instance, if you have plenty of clothing that you’ll need to hang up, having multiple closet rods installed in your wardrobe is necessary. If you’re planning on displaying your handbags or hats, allot a space for them. Create a wardrobe design with shelves where you can showcase these accessories.

With fitted wardrobes, sufficient airflow is crucial. If you’re looking for airflow ideas for fitted wardrobes, then you can try decluttering your wardrobe once in a while. It’s also best to avoid cramming too many clothes in one area of your wardrobe.

6. Functionality

The design of your wardrobe will depend on its functionality as well. You can have collapsible racks installed in your wardrobe, so you can rearrange the space to your liking. You can also add lighting, which can help you find your items more conveniently. Other options include a built-in ironing board, which helps save space, and hooks for hanging your accessories.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes in the UK

At Superglide, we can help you create the perfect bespoke fitted wardrobe. Choose from our various wardrobe designs and styles today to build a fitted wardrobe for your bedroom. We also offer dressing room, loft space and office wardrobe solutions.

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