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Having a fitted wardrobe in your room is a great investment. Besides its functionality, it also allows to create a balanced space and warm home. Since sliding wardrobe doors can last for a long time, a timeless style is often an important consideration.

To make sure that you create the perfect wardrobe, here are some style tips you should take note.

It is important get exact measurements

Picking the perfect colour scheme and finishes might be the first things that come to your mind when designing your own wardrobe. Although they are essential, getting the foundations right should be your topmost priority.

Your sliding wardrobe should have the correct sizing and measurements to ensure that it would fit seamlessly into your space whilst complimenting your room with the ideal proportions. Getting the accurate dimensions is crucial before starting the whole design process.

What should the interior look like?

The interior of a wardrobe storage is equally important as its exterior. As wardrobes store and create more space, it is also vital to make it look appealing. Ask yourself if you have a preferred look, colour or style.

Companies offer a range of styles, whether minimalistic or contemporary, so it’s easy to choose what aligns to your taste. Also take into consideration what the interior should include – does it need hangers, drawers and shelves? These are some of the important factors to consider when purchasing the right bespoke fitted wardrobe for your room.

Choosing colours and styles

Complete the overall look of your wardrobe by adding finishing touches. What colour should it be? How many panels should my sliding wardrobe have? What type of frames should I choose?

These can all be customised according to your preference. If you want something toned down, you can pick subtle or neutral colours. This is a great choice if you often redecorate your room as it creates flexibility.

Moreover, picking the right colour will allow you to add your own touch to your room whilst creating a long-lasting look.

Super Glide Wardrobes have 20 years of experience in the bespoke sliding wardrobe door industry. We create our doors to order, specific to your requirements. You are assured that our doors are designed and made in-house.

So, if you’re looking for an elegant, space-saving solution for your home, feel free to get in touch with us on 01793 861584 or

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