Small spaces can feel clumsy, an aspect that often gets annoying with the numerous furniture in such congested areas. A bespoke sliding wardrobe door is the best solution to this problem, which is a highly coveted speciality of Superglide Wardrobe Doors.

Bespoke sliding wardrobe doors transform small spaces into beautiful areas, working perfectly for the everyday homeowner. These sliding doors enhance the look of small spaces and come in a variety of custom made looks from oriental to full-length designs. In addition to this, mirrored sliding doors enhance the interior of small rooms as they make spaces appear larger.

Mirror full-length designs also save you the option of having to install another separate mirror into the room, acting as a multi-purpose facility. Bespoke sliding wardrobe doors also make it easy to furnish small areas without the constant worry of hinged doors taking up large amounts of space.

Making the most of a small space

Another way in which a bespoke sliding wardrobe works for you is by maximising the storage areas in tight spaces. Bespoke doors are often fitted from the ceiling to the floor to increase the volume of the built-in wardrobes. They make use of the tightest corners and shapes, fitting perfectly into the full height of the room.

Bespoke sliding wardrobe doors also promote impressive organisation, as they offer multiple shelving, hanging rails and drawers. Such additions make it easy to reduce congestion in small spaces.

Homeowners can also use sliding wardrobe doors in tiny spaces to act as an incentive in their investment. Buyers value more storage space; hence an in-built wardrobe will accrue more benefit for the homeowner, especially in London homes. Custom made sliding wardrobes offer class and luxury, while also providing several functions for such areas.

A bespoke sliding wardrobe door is thereby the best option that works for small spaces, given its sleek and smooth performance.

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