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Do you have a love for shoes of all types and sizes? Do your shoes overflow from the wardrobe and glitter the floor of your bedroom, living room or hallway? Are you sick of stepping on one more loafer or finding yet another pair in your couch cushions? If this sounds like you (or someone else you know), it might be time to consider creating a bespoke cupboard for all those beautiful shoes. We’ll walk through what’s needed to build that perfect custom shoe storage unit.

Advantages of Bespoke Shoe Storage

A well-organised shoe storage system, which keeps all your footwear neatly arranged on shoe shelves outside or inside the closet, makes everything more manageable. So regardless of whether you are a shoe collector, storage for your footwear is essential.

If you still don’t have your very own shoe storage system, now is the time to consider building a bespoke cupboard that can store your footwear and keep them in good condition. Here are some other benefits of having your bespoke shoe cupboard.

Protects your shoes

Proper shoe storage helps keep your shoes in good working condition. A DIY shoe cabinet can also prevent dust from accumulating on your shoes.

Provides convenience and maximises space

Having a bespoke shoe cupboard saves you time, meaning finding the right shoes is no longer a hassle in the mornings. It also maximises your space. A narrow shoe rack takes up less floor space and can be positioned anywhere in your home.

Improves the aesthetics of a room

A shoe cabinet can enhance the aesthetics of a room. It can make any area look neat, organised and even appealing to visitors.

Bespoke Shoe Cupboard Ideas

You should opt for a shoe storage system that will last for years to come and make it easier for you to find the perfect shoes for a particular outfit. A customised shoe cupboard will nicely complement the space in which it is located.

Style, proportions and design all matter when it comes to customising your cupboard. Read more about Creating the Perfect Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe here. There are more creative ideas below that you can use in creating your bespoke shoe storage system.

1. Utilise all the space you have

A shoe cupboard should maximise your storage space. If your room has odd angles or slanting ceilings, a bespoke shoe storage system can help you better utilise all that space. A made-to-measure solution takes into account the exact dimensions of your room.

For instance, with bespoke adjustable shoe shelves, you can adjust the height of each shelf to perfectly accommodate boots, sandals, slippers, wellies, ballet flats and more.

Meanwhile, a rotating shoe rack can be a real space saver. It’s ideal for closets but can also be used in other areas of your home. Plus, unlike some shoe organisers, you get to see all pairs of your shoes.

2. Adjust as your shoe collection grows

Another benefit of having a shoe cupboard with adjustable shelves is it’s easy to customise even as you collect more and more shoes over time. So when creating your shoe cupboard, remember to consider the approximate quantity of shoes you intend to store.

A bespoke storage system that’s versatile adapts to your needs and grows with you. You can invest in a cupboard with shelving that can be adjusted according to your desired spacing between shelves or your desired number of shelves.

Having adjustable shelves also makes it easy for you to factor in the height of your shoes. Suppose you mostly wear heels, boots and wedges and not flats. You will need to consider their proper height and sizes to get the appropriate spacing for your shelves. Without considering the appropriate measurements, your boots, heels and wedges may not fit properly, hang awkwardly or occupy more space. They might also get damaged from improper storage.

3. Make it functional

Turn unsightly or awkward spaces into something functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you have a small space in a hallway or room that you want to utilise, you can opt to mount slim shoe cabinets on a wall. These cabinets are perfect for keeping your floors clean and hiding your shoes away. The additional benefit of a wall-mounted slim shoe cabinet is that it also works as a table that can hold your keys, accessories, some photos and other knick-knacks.

Another way to save space is to customise an ottoman or bench, so you can have built-in shoe storage. This bespoke hallway storage solution can have a tilt-out design, so you can easily hide away the shoes when you don’t need them. This also helps keep clutter away and makes your space look neater.

4. Unleash your creativity

Add a touch of whimsy and uniqueness to your space by utilising items and materials that are not traditionally used for holding shoes. A ladder, for instance, is not only great for making a statement. It can also be an easy and efficient way of storing your footwear. Additionally, it lets you maximise your space. Simply prop the ladder on a bare wall and stock your shoes accordingly.

As for shoes you rarely wear, you can also opt to get boxes that you can place on top of your wardrobe. You can print a picture of your shoes, and then stick that to the front of the box so that you can identify each pair.

5. Consider adding a mirror or lighting

If you’re thinking of incorporating a shoe organiser into your sliding door wardrobe, consider adding some lighting or a mirror. Good lighting can make it easier to see your items while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your wardrobe. On the other hand, a mirror helps you choose the right pair of shoes for an outfit.

Custom-Built Shoe Storage

At Superglide, we offer bespoke coat and shoe storage solutions that can maximise your space and enhance the aesthetics of your interiors. Here is another article to read on Wardrobe Storage Solutions and Bedroom Storage Ideas. Whether you’re looking for bespoke wardrobe shelves for your shoes or storage solutions that fit into awkward spaces, we can help provide what you need.

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