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With the new office working solution including the option to work from home, either entirely or part-time, your office set-up at home is important for productivity. Mental health and productivity are important for job performance, and in its way, your desk and storage set-up can help. This article discusses how to organise your workspace best to help you maximise your productivity.

10 Work Office Storage Ideas

With home-based and remote jobs in the UK becoming increasingly common, now is the time to optimise your home and office areas for improved productivity.

Keeping your workspace clutter-free can help you be more productive as well as help you feel less stressed. Anyone working from home can benefit from these ten home office storage ideas.

1. Racks for wall organisation

It is common for documents, bills and mail to accumulate in your workspace. They get lost if you keep them in your desk drawer, but if you leave them out, they clutter up your desk. Opt for a wall-mounted organiser if you want to organise your mail and papers. You can easily install racks or pegboards, eliminating clutter and making the most of wall space.

2. Storing on the go

A rolling cart is the best option if your desk lacks drawer space. With a mobile storage cart, craft tools and supplies are always available.

The versatility of home office furniture on wheels is unmatched. A utility cart can serve multiple purposes and won’t take up much space in your office. You can also find items more easily when you use wheeled storage. And due to the unit’s mobility, you can move the supplies to another location if you need them elsewhere.

Invest in a castors-equipped trolley that fits under your desk. Once you’ve completed your work, you can simply roll it away.

3. Floating shelves

For modern home office ideas, floating shelves are a good choice. They help you utilise your wall space and keep your desk clutter-free. They create a clean and effortless look and provide space for storing office supplies. Floating shelves come in various styles, from planks to geometric shapes.

Make your shelving and desk the same colour to achieve a cohesive look. Additionally, ensure that you account for heavier items when planning what to store on your shelves to prevent them from becoming overloaded.

4. Desk with storage

Having the right home office desk can allow for better organisation. So select a desk that will enable you to work comfortably and offers ample storage. Consider choosing a desk that comes with drawers or one that has overhead storage.

If your desk lacks the needed space, you can use a monitor stand or keyboard tray to free up space and make your workspace more productive.

5. Bookshelf

Create more storage space with a multi-tiered bookcase. One with an open shelf design, in particular, can create an airy, lightweight atmosphere. You can use it to store decorative items, fabric bins, plants, boxes and books.

6. Drawers with dividers

By choosing a desk with drawers, you can maximise the space under your desk. In addition, you will have more options for tucking away documents, diaries and other items. Drawers can, however, quickly accumulate junk. Dividers are an excellent solution to this.

Drawer dividers help separate one whole drawer into compartments, allowing you to easily access pens, paper clips, notepads and other essential items. You can choose from various divider sizes, allowing you to find the right storage solution. Alternatively, you can make your dividers. Consider repurposing old items rather than purchasing new ones, such as cardboard boxes, egg cartons or cutlery holders.

7. Desktop organiser

Keep your desktop clutter-free with a stylish desktop storage chest. Choose one that is stackable and fits letter-sized papers for a space-saving desk organiser.

You can also opt for paper holders and sorters, which have become office staples over the years. They’re an easy way to hide all the papers that accumulate on your desk. You can also go the DIY route and reuse mason jars as office supply organisers and décor.

8. Foldaway desk

Folding desks are another space-saving solution, offering enough workspace for administrative tasks or laptop use. In addition, with a shelf/desk combination, you’ll have easy access to all your storage.

9. Cord and wire organisers

Although most modern office desks feature cord management, you may still need to tidy up cable and wire clutter. Wires and cables look awful when left to dangle on your desk. Organising your cords in your home office is a great way to avoid getting them all tangled and find them more quickly. Aside from making things look clean and organised, cable management boxes and organisers prevent pets from chewing or scratching cords.

Put the cord organiser on the desk or floor, or tape it to the wall for an extra discreet look. DIY home office solutions include attaching binder clips on your desk edge and looping cords through them or using Velcro to secure the cords beneath your desk.

10. Bespoke storage

With bespoke furniture, you can create a home office storage system that meets your needs. Whatever the size of your room is, custom furniture can be an effective way to utilise every inch of space. Not only does this allow for maximum storage capacity, but it also enables complete flexibility.

Desks can be crafted to match storage solutions, enhancing the overall design. You can ask for a mix of open shelves for displaying stylish containers and accessories, along with storage cabinets for storing clutter.

Home Office Storage Made Easy with Superglide

In terms of home office storage ideas, planning is the key. It’s essential to bring in storage that has a specific purpose for the space. With the help of bespoke furniture, organising your home office storage can be a breeze. If you’re looking for Swindon companies that specialise in customised furniture for offices, look no further than Superglide Wardrobes.

At Superglide, we deliver quality bespoke furniture pieces that make the most of your space and help you work more effectively. Contact our team of experts now.

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