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Are tired with the look and feel of your space, do you feel compelled to move to a new home or would you prefer to improve the space you currently have?

The bedroom is perhaps one of the most important rooms in the house. This is your sanctuary, a place where you can relax at the end of the day and have a good night’s sleep: a place where you can wake up the very next day feeling recharged and ready to take on the challenges of the day. However, if your bedroom simply isn’t visually appealing, it may add to your stress.

More than often, clutter could be the reason why your bedroom is untidy and crowded. To create more space in your bedroom or your home, there is one simple solution: install sliding wardrobes.

Unlike renovating your entire space, sliding wardrobes would make use of the space you currently have. Installing it is an affordable way to upgrade the look of your bedroom or any room.

You might be wondering why you should choose sliding wardrobes over cabinets with hinges. In this blog, we will be sharing all the wonderful benefits of installing sliding wardrobes and why you should consider having them.

How can sliding wardrobes can create more space within your home?

Sliding wardrobes can give you extra space. Aside from the fact that these doors can slide, sliding wardrobes can be installed from ceiling to floor, maximising every inch of available space you have. Because the doors can slide, it can give you easy access to the items you are looking for.

They are trendy and sleek. You can have your sliding doors custom-made so that it can match the interior decoration of your bedroom. You can choose smooth panels with wooden accents, frosted glass, full-length mirrors or a combination of these.

They can help keep your bedroom in tiptop shape. Instead of just throwing your stuff anywhere, installing sliding wardrobes can help you organise your personal belongings. By adding a few accessories like side panels, frame packs, a column of shelves, hanger rods and drawers, you can neatly stack or hang your clothes in one place.

Since every inch of space can be used for storage, you can allocate an area where you can store your hats, shoes, belts, scarves, neckties, fashion accessories and many more. With all your stuff organised in one place, there is no need for you to purchase another detached wardrobe or other bulky bedroom furniture.

They can be installed in any room in your home. Sliding wardrobes work perfectly in the bedroom but they can also be used in the living room, kitchen, garage or any room in the home you can think of. Because the doors slide, they do not take up a lot of space. They are a practical choice for homes with very limited space.

With so many of us working from home. Sliding wardrobes can be used to organise your home office. Arrange your office equipment and supplies neatly so that everything is in sight and within easy reach. For your little tots, you can use sliding wardrobes to keep their toys in order. For your living room, you can use it to hide cushions, blankets or furniture that you only pull out whenever a visitor stays in your home overnight.

If you choose a design that seamlessly blends with the walls of your rooms, it can create a feeling of calm and order. But if you want to showcase your personality, you can choose bold designs that make your sliding doors stand out.

Because the doors only slide, they only take up little space, allowing you to enjoy the extra space for whatever reason you intend it for.

They can make your bedroom or any room in your house bigger. This is very true, especially if you will go for a design that goes well with the interior design of your bedroom. If you want to create the illusion of additional space, you can add full-length mirrors to the sliding wardrobes.

Mirrors can open up space by reflecting light all over the room. They work very well in small rooms. You can also use the mirrors whenever you dress up or do your hair and makeup. So you can somehow say the mirrors are serving a dual purpose in this case.

They can maximise your storage capacity. Since fitted wardrobes go well with any type of available space, it can increase your storage capacity to its maximum possible level. So whether you have sloped ceilings or chimney breasts, you can always rely on sliding wardrobes to offer you the style and efficiency that every homeowner or renter deserves.

Sliding wardrobes are convenient to use. They are usually built using a steel system with a laminate choice of colour on top (beech, maple, oak, pear, walnut, wenge and etc.). Some have a large MDF casing on top and your choice of laminate on top of the MDF.

The steel system makes the sliding doors look sleek and slide as smoothly as possible. Regular doors with hinges can only be pulled out, consuming space in your room. This will never be a problem with sliding doors.

Because the opening mechanism is smooth, you can open your wardrobe and find whatever you need easily. You can close it as easily as you open it too.

They can be custom-built to suit any room in your house. With sliding wardrobes, you can always add a personal touch or flair to it. So that you can give your space a clean and organised look, choose wardrobe doors that will match the interior design of your bedroom. You can use mirrors, wood panels or paint to make it stand out.

Whatever your choice is, make sure it will show your personality and make you feel at home.

If you want to make a difference in your bedroom, spruce up your space by giving the guys at Superglide a call. They have been delivering quality products, including sliding wardrobes, to customers since 1982! For enquiries or showroom appointments, they can be reached through 01793 861584.

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