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The space-saving and stylish features of sliding wardrobe doors are the main reasons for its growing popularity in the UK. There are a series of types and designs of sliding wardrobe doors which can complement the style and personal taste of the individual and room into which they are fitted. Additionally, sliding wardrobe doors are remarkably flexible as they can be used in any room and not just in bedrooms, transforming it into clever storage space.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the selection of sliding wardrobe doors. Here, we have gathered the top factors you need to take into consideration before adding sliding wardrobe doors in your home:

Available space

Before you begin looking up what types of sliding wardrobe doors are there to choose from, first think about where the sliding wardrobe doors are going. Make an assessment of how you want to use the doors and how they will appear. To select a sliding wardrobe door that will fit your room best, consider the space that is available both outside and inside your new wardrobes. Measure the area where the sliding wardrobe doors will be situated and how big they need to be to fit their space.


When you finally figure out the available space in your rooms and the size the sliding wardrobe doors should be, think about the design of the wardrobes you are going to install in your home.

Some of the types of sliding wardrobe doors are:
Vinyl Covered
Paintable Surface
Opti-panel Glass


It is not enough to choose a sliding wardrobe door that is only aesthetically pleasing but it should also function well on a day-to-day basis. That said, go with sliding wardrobe doors that are practical for you and your family to use.


Another thing to consider when choosing a sliding wardrobe door that best suits your space is whether there is only minimal maintenance needed for it to function well and be in its tip-top condition. Contemplate whether the tracks and the door frames of your wardrobe could withstand the materials to be used as this could result in premature wear and tear that will need uncalled for repairs.

Superglide Wardrobes is a family-run business that could help you make the most of your investment in sliding wardrobe doors. We take pride in providing quality craftsmanship and delivering high customer satisfaction for all our customers around the UK. Check out our available products or call us on 01793 861584 for your enquiries.

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