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Opting for sliding doors for your own wardrobe system is by far more practical and aesthetically pleasing compared with the typical swing doors. Utilising sliding wardrobe doors has revolutionised our storage requirements mainly because of their space-saving benefits among others.

Read on to know the different types of sliding wardrobe doors that are not only space-effective but also have classy and sophisticated appearances to boast.

If you think you are already maximising a mirror’s potential by hanging a full-length size on a wall, a sliding wardrobe door that comes with a mirror is twice as useful.

The attached mirrored glass panels are safe and convenient and these sliding doors come with aluminium frames but could do so without if you have one custom-made.

Opting for a mirrored sliding wardrobe door could give your room an illusion of more space.

Vinyl Covered
Choose a vinyl sliding wardrobe door if you want a smooth, polished finishing. These type of sliding doors are popular for being easy to slide since their frames and tracks are made with aluminium which is a very lightweight material.

Paintable Surface
Typically made with aluminium frames and tracks as well, you can choose a sliding wardrobe door with coloured panels that match with your room’s walls or even opt for raw gyprock panels that can serve as a canvass for you to paint on.

Compared with the other three mentioned above, multi-panelled sliding wardrobe doors are made with silver frames and tracks instead of aluminium. The advantage of this type of sliding doors is that the glass panels can have different colour combinations as per your own preferences.

Opti-panel Glass
If you want to go with a minimalist yet contemporary appearance, then opti-panel sliding wardrobe doors are your best choice.

This type of sliding door has kind of a frosted glass design which usually comes in white or very light green colour unless you want to have them custom-made with a colour of your choice.

As with multi-panelled sliding wardrobe doors, opti-panel sliding doors are made with silver frames and tracks.

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