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Sliding Wardrobe Company

We are a sliding wardrobe company. When you make an investment in sliding wardrobe doors from Superglide Wardrobes, you can be confident that you are investing in the best quality craftsmanship from a reputable family owned and run company with over 30 year’ experience in the industry.

Why Choose Superglide Wardrobes?

Craftsmanship and customer satisfaction

Here at Superglide Wardrobes, customer satisfaction and service is paramount. Unlike a lot of the bedroom furniture, including wardrobes with sliding doors that are offered for sale in the UK, Superglide’s products are not mass-produced overseas.

All our furniture is lovingly manufactured in the heart of the Cotswolds, using engineering excellence and skilled craftsmanship that has been honed over many years. Because of this superior quality, our products are highly sought after by homeowners, builders, and hoteliers right across the UK.

Premium-quality offerings and service

We design a wide range of wardrobes that suit our customers’ tastes and requirements. Our wardrobes are only made of high-quality materials using advanced production methods combined with superb craftsmanship.

We also understand the importance and value of providing exceptional customer service. Superglide has a dedicated team that specialises in handling service requests. As part of our commitment to customer service, we strive to do everything possible to make your experience with us as smooth as possible.

Bespoke furniture pieces

Here at Superglide Wardrobes, we don’t simply stock off-the-peg standard sizes, but make all of our sliding wardrobe doors to measure, ensuring that they are a perfect fit for your requirements.

Wardrobes from Superglide are built to deliver the style, quality and functionality customers want. You deserve a wardrobe that is tailored to your needs and preferences, one that reflects your style. At Superglide, our teams work to bring your idea to life, engaging you throughout and providing guidance as needed.

Your wardrobe is a key component of your bedroom, one you will regularly use, so it is important to ensure it is designed to meet your needs. Superglide Wardrobes offers a variety of interior and exterior design options so that you can build your wardrobe from the inside out. For the interior, you can combine drawers, shoe shelves, pull-out hampers and baskets, according to your tastes. As for the exterior, there is a wide selection of sliding doors you can choose from, which you can further customise according to your preferences.

Expertise and experience

Superglide aims to design, manufacture and install your custom wardrobe according to your specifications and satisfaction. We have experienced designers who create unique, functional and visually appealing items for your needs. Our manufacturing is handled by a team of skilled professionals using the latest technology. Our highly trained installers are fully versed in the furniture and accessories they install.

Affordable prices and online service

Affordable Sliding Wardrobe Company

In need of affordable sliding wardrobes? At Superglide, we can keep our prices very competitive by sourcing and working with only the best materials, obtained from suppliers with whom we have had a long-term relationship. Superglide prides itself on producing affordable sliding wardrobe doors made from quality materials. Explore an assortment of sliding wardrobes that are modern, stylish and affordable. Our wardrobes come in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can find something to suit your style and budget.

We are also able to keep our prices competitive by offering an online ordering service. Design and customise your wardrobe with just a few clicks. Why not take a few minutes to study our gallery of images for inspiration and ideas? You can also follow our handy guide for measuring your wardrobes.

If you would prefer to see our products “in the flesh” before you order, you are welcome to visit our showroom in Coleshill, on the border of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. We would be delighted to show you our full range of Superglide wardrobes and complementary bedroom furniture.

And no matter where you live in the UK, Superglide Wardrobes offers a free delivery service.

Bedroom furniture

Are you in search of elegant bedroom furniture that reflects your tastes, lifestyle and decor? If you are thinking of upgrading your bedroom furniture, why not choose furniture that is designed with your needs in mind? Here at Superglide Wardrobes, aside from our bedroom sliding wardrobe options, we also offer a wide range of top-quality, craftsman-made and designed bedroom furniture. Here, you can choose something to perfectly complement your wardrobe door design and colours. In addition to our “off-the-peg” range of furniture, you can choose to have a selection of items custom-made to match your wardrobes if you wish. Custom-made furniture can help you create a relaxing haven for yourself.

We know every individual is different, each with their different needs. That’s why we design custom furniture that can fit your spaces and match your lifestyle. Regardless of whether you are looking for a single piece of bedroom furniture or an entire collection, Superglide Wardrobes can assist you. Just let us know what you need and we will handle the rest. Our service and choice ensure that your bedroom will be perfectly finished to your exact requirements.

If you have recently moved to a new home and you would like a completely original and functional bedroom suite, we can make everything that you need, including Superglide sliding door wardrobes, bedside cabinets, dressing tables, and blanket chests, all to your specifications and design. In addition to our sliding door wardrobes, we can make hinged door items too, complete with matching units.

Stylish, traditional or anything in between, we offer bespoke bedroom furniture that can suit any room design. Our highly skilled craftsmen deliver smart, well-planned designs, making it possible to transform a small space into a stylish, functional bedroom. With our bedroom furniture, you can relax and unwind in an area that offers maximum comfort.

Want to build your bedroom furniture but not sure where to start? Our team is here to provide guidance. The entire process will be collaborative, so we can help you every step of the way. We will assist you in choosing the right material and colour for your bedroom furniture, so it complements your decor. We will also arrange for your new bedroom furniture to be delivered and fitted by our very own team.

Kitchen furniture

Sliding wardrobe company offering more than just wardrobes

Our craftsmanship is not limited to the bedroom. We also offer an excellent, comprehensive range of fitted kitchen furniture. Boost the potential of your cooking space with Superglide. We can create and build custom kitchen furniture that will transform your cooking area. As well as adding more value to your home, our kitchen furniture allows you to give your space a unique touch that has a lasting impact.

Superglide is your best choice when it comes to creating an inviting, practical kitchen. With more than 40 years of experience, we consistently deliver results that go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Get kitchen furniture that is made to fit your space perfectly and looks just the way you want. Our kitchen furniture blends style and functionality, complementing your style while increasing the utility of your kitchen. The range includes solid wooden, hand-painted furniture, and laminate doors too, so whatever your colour scheme or interior décor preference, you will find something perfectly suited to your taste.

Kitchens with fitted furniture are a great way to showcase your unique personality. While many kitchens have similar sizes and layouts, your vision for how you use the space is entirely personal. With a bespoke kitchen, everything can be arranged exactly how you want it. Fitted furniture also has the advantage of being crafted to occupy even the most awkward spaces. If you have a kitchen with tricky or unconventional spaces, fitted furniture pieces are your best choice. So if you have a property with unique features, such as uneven walls, ceilings with strange angles or lots of nooks and crannies, fitted kitchen furniture can make sure that every inch of your space is used effectively.

Once you have chosen your kitchen furniture, you may also like to choose from a wide range of accessories and appliances from all the leading manufacturers. You could kit out your kitchen completely from our comprehensive range!

Elegant yet robust construction

All our Superglide sliding wardrobe doors are built on a steel system with a laminate casing placed on top. Choose from a lovely natural-looking wood finish in walnut, oak, beech or an alternative of your choice.

Our Cotswold range of Superglide wardrobes is fabricated with a steel base, topped with MDF and finished with a laminate top.

For items that are made to last, custom furniture made from durable materials is the way to go. Bespoke furniture is an investment worth making. A custom-built piece of furniture is generally more durable than a mass-produced piece at the same price point.

If you choose to have your furniture custom-made by Superglide, you are assured of the best possible quality. So if you are looking for wooden sliding wardrobe doors in the UK, check out our full-length range and build your own using our virtual wardrobe builder.