The word “bespoke” was first cited in the 1500s in reference to arranging or commissioning a specific customised product to fit or be used only by one specific patron. In those days when something was “bespoken” it meant an intimate contract had been established, word was given and word was kept. We at Superglide like to think of ourselves as keepers of Old World values while manufacturing a completely New Age modern contraption – sliding wardrobe doors.

Our family has been designing and manufacturing made-to-measure wardrobes for twenty years, so we’ve developed a keen appreciation for the requirements of space, the limitations of budgets and the quirks of character when it comes to servicing or creating from scratch clients’ storage spaces.

We can see a room and immediately envision where a wardrobe could be accommodated and how it can be designed to fit the client’s belongings in an orderly, easy-to-use fashion. If you spoke to our satisfied clients you’d come to understand that we see each assignment as an adventure in the frontier of space. Space use that is.

We see it where you may not. When your clothing or your books seem to take over the room and it seems there’s no way to contain them, we can help. Our sliding wardrobe doors can be installed in any room.

Once we help you decide where to place the wardrobe we will take the measurements of the space and show you that with the appropriate arrangements you can indeed fit all of your belongings into it. Then comes the fun part – deciding on the texture, colour and style. We have an extensive catalogue of choices, and can turn a trained eye on your room textures, colours and style to ensure that your new wardrobe fits right into your aesthetic.

If you’re an indecisive type, please come visit our showroom where you can see and touch samples of each style. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy storage can be if you give us a visit today.

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