The winter blahs are upon us and everyone’s looking for a way to shake their post-holiday blues by enhancing the spaces they spend most of their time in.  As The Sunday Times reports it’s hard to get through the winter without considering some sort of domestic overhaul.  And the smartest overhaul you can make is a creative storage solution.  Whether it’s clearing the clutter from your bedroom floors, or bringing order to your kitchen utensils, finding a neat, tidy closed off space for storage clears your room for more art, décor and style.  Even the smallest creative alteration can sometimes may a huge difference in the overall aesthetic and mood of your home.   

You may think this sort of transformation requires a high degree of ingenuity and creativity.  Not when you’re working with the designer-engineers at Superglide.  Their job for three decades now has been to bring out the ingenuity and creativity in you.  As they consult with you, they discover your tastes, functional priorities and lifestyle needs.  Then they try to translate those into just the right style, size and finish for your custom bedroom or kitchen.  Our highly trained designer-engineers understand how critical it is to structure and design bedrooms and kitchens efficiently and aesthetically.  They are masters at crafting storage solutions that are at once highly functional and aesthetically pleasing without distracting the eye.  If you take a look at our wide style selection of sliding doors you may just begin to feel a bit more creative.  Classic Cotswold, contemporary Millennium, exotic Oriental.   We also provide a wide selection of elegant, sophisticated laminate finishes:  oak, walnut, beech, and maple.  Superglide styles can set the tone for your space and the mood for your family and guests. These engineering wonders are handmade in Wiltshire and customised for and delivered to your home free of charge!  Once you’ve chosen your storage solution you’ll be liberated to get creative with your art, sculpture, window dressing, keepsakes and furniture.  

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