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Minimalism is a concept that has been widely adopted by a lot of people. This style is all about stripping down until the bare essentials are left. In doing this, you eliminate as much stuff as possible without sacrificing comfort and functionality, focusing on having a “less is more” outlook.

If you are looking to simplify your home, you can implement this concept by learning to live with as little as possible. Here are some tips to consider when making a minimalist bedroom.

Strip down your room

Minimalist design focuses on reducing the mess to make a certain space relaxing and comfortable. Having a minimalist bedroom can give yourself an opportunity to roam around an uncluttered area, freeing your mind from stress and promoting a calming and restful sleep.

The first step in minimising a bedroom is to identify the areas where clutter usually accumulates. Sort and put away the things that are not necessary to you, especially your “just in case” items. After simplifying your room by decluttering, you can now focus on the storage space you need.

Being minimalistic doesn’t necessarily mean applying a design aesthetic with clean lines and simple colour schemes. In fact, you can use this concept whilst still making your room look visually appealing. A perfect example of a great minimalist bedroom is one that combines cosiness with rustic charm.

Level up your storage

To maintain a clutter-free home, it is essential to use hidden storage spaces. In having a minimalist room, you have to be smart with your storage solutions, keeping your belongings away from sight.

For those with small rooms, you can maximise the space by installing vertical storage right up to the ceiling. This technique can make your room look large, not to mention, it provides a lot of storage space in a tidy way.

To avoid the feeling of tightness in your room, do not put large cabinets or big drawers in a small space. Instead, look for sleek, light-coloured sliding wardrobe doors. You may also use mirrored fitted wardrobes to make the room appear larger than it actually is.

If you’re looking for an elegant, space-saving solution for your home, we can help you. Super Glide Wardrobes have 20 years of experience in the bespoke sliding wardrobe door industry. We create our doors to order, specific to your requirements. Feel free to get in touch with us on 01793 861584 or

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