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If you’re looking to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary without making it looked cramped, you don’t necessarily have to remodel it. There are decorating tricks to fool the eye into seeing a room larger than it actually is. Here are some tips that can transform your tiny room into a large and functional space.


The first step is to put away things that don’t need to be there. This includes decor and some furniture. Whilst you love having beautiful decorations on your table, it would help if you edit it down to lessen any visual clutter. Removing a piece of furniture can also clear up some space.

Use Vertical Space

Use the space you have more efficiently. Although your floor space may not be big, the walls right up to the ceiling can be used to make the room appear larger. Built-in shelves that extend from floor to ceiling can add storage, interest and visual space to a bedroom. Another trick involves the location of the drapery. Instead of putting the rods at the top of the window, attach it where the wall meets the ceiling. This way, the room will appear taller.

Let the light in

Light can make space feel larger. If your bedroom has a window, make sure to remove anything that blocks the natural light from coming in. However, if your bedroom doesn’t have sufficient natural light, consider putting in artificial lighting to brighten all the corners of the room. It can also help if you have light-coloured walls.

Keep furniture in scale

You don’t necessarily have to put tiny furniture in a small room. You just need to find pieces that match in scale and are sized appropriately for your space. Choose a bed that allows you to fit at least one nightstand in. It is also preferable to put a dresser that is tall and narrow rather than a wide and short piece.

Install mirrored wardrobes

Installing sliding wardrobe doors means there’ll be no door that would take up valuable space when you open it. Additionally, the mirrors will reflect light and make the bedroom seem twice its size – especially if the mirrored doors entirely cover one wall. This one’s an old trick that can expand your room instantly.

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