Make room for holiday guests and cut down on the chaos of the season

Anticipating the parents, siblings or cousins crashing at your place over the holidays?

Wondering where you’re going to put all their baggage on top of your seasonal holiday fare?

Time to get creative with your space.  This Old House offers many suggestions on how to utilise every inch of your home with a list of how to make the most of nooks and crannies.

But we at Superglide can add to that list a way to get cleverer and efficient with your space.  Why not create one large storage centre by installing sliding wardrobe doors?  This way you can keep all your festive clothing, your holiday décor and wrapping gear, extra bedding plus Uncle Bert’s hat collection all in one spacious, well-organised place.

Here at Superglide, we’ve been helping families juggle the holidays and clear their bedrooms of clutter for twenty-five years.  We’ve been alleviating the holiday mess stress by turning bedrooms into the tranquil, festive sanctuaries they are meant to be with our sliding wardrobe doors.   These engineering wonders allow you to hide from view and organise the items that you need to add that holiday touches to your home.

How much of your bedroom do you need to turn into storage?  That’s up to you, but our team can consult with you and help decide on the size and lay out of your new storage by measuring every centimetre your room has to offer.   Our technicians produce and install the frames that line your opening and a variety of interior shelves and drawers built specifically to your requirements (so you should also measure the size of the items you’ll be storing).

Our wide array of frame and track colours make it easy to match whatever styles, patterns and colours your bedroom currently dons, with stylish, customised consistency.  Consistency of colour, tone and texture create a soothing background that allows your holiday décor to really pop! Our full-length panels are diverse enough to complement the aesthetic in your bedroom, lending it a soothing, meditative tone that will put your mind at ease the moment you enter.

We have so many colours, styles and textures to choose from: mirrored panels, coloured glass panels, frosted glass panels, wood grain panels and a slew of choices that we expand upon every year. Once we’ve helped you create your storage solutions, you may be inspired to purchase our matching bespoke bedroom furniture and bedside cabinets.

Customising chests, drawers and interiors to your specifications is our specialty.  Our products are made to fit your measurements, colour schemes and storage strategies.  Our stock of basic materials is so abundant that your new bedroom can usually be delivered within three weeks of your order date.  So why have your holiday décor creativity get lost in the chaotic clusters of supplies and baggage? Together we can devise that tranquil retreat that will enable your holiday décor to truly set the stage for a festive mood that’ll last into the New Year. Let’s get started today.

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