When it comes to saving space and adding a stylish finish to any room in your home you can’t really go wrong with sliding wardrobe doors.

The benefits they offer are numerous, and include:

Storage space

One of the main benefits of sliding wardrobe doors is the amount of space they free up compared to regular doors.

Being able to access the entire wardrobe space is only really possible with a door that doesn’t get in the way, and sliding doors offer this benefit. They also allow you more floor space outside the wardrobe, as you no longer need to accommodate the space required by open doors in any room.

Aesthetically pleasing

Sliding wardrobe doors offer up a whole world of different style options that simply are not available with normal doors. Be it the oriental look, or a particular finish that would look great in your room, the options are varied.

It could be classic or contemporary; you’ll find that the style of sliding wardrobe door that you choose will play a big part in the final image of your space.

A room also looks modern and more spacious with sliding wardrobe doors as opposed to regular hinge doors.

Add value

Having the right kind of doors in your rooms will add value to your property, especially if you’ve taken the time to get the style of decor right and installed the doors as a centrepiece of sorts.

As mentioned above, sliding wardrobe doors can make your room look bigger, and the wardrobes more spacious, all of which can add to the attraction for a potential buyer.

Okay, so you’ve seen the benefits of installing sliding wardrobe doors in your home, but the next question you’re asking yourself is how do you go about getting them?

Here at Super Glide, we have 20 years of experience in the made to measure sliding wardrobe door industry.

We don’t simply offer sliding wardrobe doors in stock sizes, we create our doors to order, specific to your requirements, and as we hold a good level of stock we’re able to have your doors ready to go around three weeks from order date.

Created at our manufacturing hub in the beautiful Cotswolds, all of our doors are designed and made in-house. We don’t ship any of our products in from overseas.

So, if you’re looking for a stylish, space-saving option for your home from a sliding wardrobe company feel free to get in touch!

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