Anyone would expect an extension to add value to a home, but what if there were a comparable investment? One that you may not have considered? One that you can enjoy now as well as in the future when you might consider selling on?

Have you ever considered the benefits of a sliding wardrobe? We’re a sliding wardrobe company, so you might expect us to claim that installing a sliding wardrobe would dramatically increase the value of your home.

But don’t just take our word for it. A survey conducted by home renovation and design website, Houzz, found that among homeowners renovating bedrooms, increasing the size of their wardrobe was more important than increasing the size of the bedroom itself.

In fact, they recorded that 69% of homeowners increased the size of their wardrobe over their master bedroom. And 70% increased their wardrobe over the other bedrooms in their house.

Sliding wardrobes make a bedroom feel luxurious. The transformation is stunning. Sliding wardrobes lend your bedroom a feeling of comfort and homeliness as well as providing extra storage space. And the more well organized your bedroom is, the more it promotes relaxation and rest.

Think how a future prospective buyer might experience your home fitted with sliding wardrobes. The extra space you’re able to offer. Especially in central city locations where space is at a premium and highly valued.

Because the doors move laterally rather than outwards, you’re getting the most out of the floor area of your bedroom. And that gives you a lot more options when it comes to accommodating furniture that won’t have to contend with conventional swinging wardrobe doors.

We’re a sliding wardrobe company that can offer many colours, finishes and styles so that our designs can tie in with the decor and style of your bedroom. Mirrored sliding doors can make your bedroom appear much more spacious.

Moreover, as light is reflected off mirrored panels, your bedroom’s aesthetics will be greatly enhanced.

You may have thought it impossible accommodating a wardrobe in some areas of your home, in irregularly shaped rooms. Take advantage of our experience as a sliding wardrobe company and we will be happy to show you how we can even build around lofts and attics. How you can choose a sliding wardrobe that fits the space perfectly.

Contact us here at Superglide Wardrobes and let us dramatically add value your living space.

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