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Overhauling, upgrading or personalising your bedroom can make all the difference without you having to overspend.

Make your room intimate and cosy introducing the nightstand or lamps you might have picked up at the weekend antiques market.

Personalise you bedroom by framing photos you have of friends or of your travels. Arrange them on the wall in an artsy pattern. Artwork is a great way to revamp and enliven a drab-looking room. Otherwise rearrange what you already have hung up. You can also cover your walls with tapestries. Tapestries make a bold statement and they’re relatively cheap.

While you’re about it, botanise. Add plants. You can never have too many. Arrange them suspended from the ceiling in baskets, on windowsills and on shelves.

Before long you’ll want to look at setting the mood. You don’t need to replace lamps and bases. Instead, buy new shades that work with the decor you already have. Or go for something quirky and unconventional looking. Be bold and daring.

Or you might want to think of changing up the lighting in your room. Replace your lamp with some string lights (copper adds a unique touch), rig up a suspending lantern or bulb, or even perhaps a quirky chandelier.

While you’re playing around with light, don’t forget the natural variety. Did you know that most people hang curtains incorrectly? Extend the rod at least 6-10″ on either side of the window frame (if you have the space) so that when the curtains are pushed totally open you can see almost all of the window. Hang the curtains higher.

Lift the rod to just under the ceiling, which has the effect of lifting the eye, making your ceilings look higher and your space bigger.

If you’re short on space, get rid of furniture you don’t need. Go for smaller items that have multiple functions, like a desk that doubles as a nightstand. Splash some colour on uninspiring pieces of furniture. Add some patterned wallpaper or colour accents to your door, the corners of the room, your wardrobe, lampshades or your nightstand.

Add more depth and sparkle to your room with a mirror. You should position a full length mirror or a propped-up, larger freestanding mirror in the corner.

Or you could install a spectacular wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors. We’re a sliding wardrobe company. Call us to discuss which of our range of quality, crafted wardrobes works for you.

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Dave Collins