We’ve all seen those huge walk-in wardrobes on TV. Some of them are even bigger than the rooms in our homes. They certainly look great but unfortunately, not all of us can afford to own one.

Do you have limited wardrobe space? Do you want to store more clothes, shoes and accessories? If the answer is yes then there are a few simple ways for you to achieve this: by making some changes to the interior and exterior of your wardrobe.

For most of us here in the UK, a lot of floor space is a luxury we don’t have and that also means very limited bedroom storage. You don’t have to fret though. There are many ways to maximise our wardrobe space, no matter how small it is.

If you want to store and fit as many clothes in your wardrobe as possible, and being able to see them in your small storage space, keep on reading for this blog is meant for you.

Organise your stuff

First things first: take a look at everything that you’ve got then determine what you’re still going to use and what you are willing to part with. Put the things you won’t be needing in a box: you can either donate them or sell them online and make some extra money. 

Since you only have a limited space to store your clothes and other possessions, decluttering is very important. It’s also important to separate the things that you don’t need because you will be wasting your time organising them in your wardrobe.

This process shouldn’t take too long depending upon how much you have accumulated. While going through your wardrobe, you may find clothes that don’t fit anymore, clothes with styles that you don’t like anymore and clothes that need to be repaired. Same is true with your accessories: if you haven’t used any of them for the past few years, it would be better to part with them, instead of them just collecting dust in your wardrobe.

If you have clothes that aren’t used too often but you can’t part with such as evening dresses, leather jackets and winter coats, find somewhere else where you can store it. Not only are these clothes bulky, they are only used for a limited time in a year.

Where can you store them? If you have a guest room or loft, you can add a hanging rail there. You can also use a storage box, put your seasonal clothes there and put the box somewhere in your home that is dry.

Add a second rail

Finally, it’s well worth adding a second rail to your wardrobe, about halfway down. This is because there is so much unused space under the original rail and by adding a second one, you double the capacity to hang your clothes. Adding space dividers will also enable you to easily and quickly find your clothes.

If a second rail is not feasible because the height of your wardrobe does not allow it, perhaps you can move it up or down to create more space within your wardrobe. If you move it up, you will gain more floor space. If you will move it down, you can place additional shelves on top of it.

Add shelving

One great way to make use of available wardrobe space is to add shelves. This can be done even in the smallest space. Shelving allows you to store folded clothes, as well as shoes and accessories. Place shelving to the side of the wardrobe, towards the bottom or wherever there is available space.

Just as we have mentioned earlier, the placement of your shelves will depend on the location of your hanging rails: place it down and you will have more space to add shelves, place it up and you will have more floor space to store your shoes and other storage boxes.

Since creating as much storage space within a limited area is our ultimate goal here, why don’t we get a little bit further with our shelves?

You might be tempted to shove in your underwear, handkerchiefs, scarves, neck ties or house clothes without folding or piling them properly there. To keep the temptation out of mind, add compartments or shelf dividers so that you can organise your shelf items by type: underwear compartment, scarf compartment and so on.

Not only will this make things look orderly and neat: you can keep your items from falling on top of each other and make things easier to find.

Use sliding doors

To really maximise your wardrobe space, remove your old doors and add sliding doors. You’ll find that this will free up so much space in your room. Another benefit is that you can create a wardrobe space in an alcove or corner of the bedroom by simply adding a sliding door.

Place some hooks inside the wardrobe

If your wardrobe has hinged doors, you can place additional hooks on the back of the doors. If your wardrobe has sliding doors, you can place them at the side or back of the internal wardrobe space. These hooks, if installed securely and properly, are great areas for hanging jewellery, belts, scarves, necklaces, sunglasses and so much more.

Utilise your wardrobe floor space

If you’ve got extra floor space, you can still make the most out of it by using baskets and boxes to store extra items that you can stack, fold or just shove in (if you are too lazy). Think of placing shoes, jeans, children’s toys or style accessories here. 

Boxes enable you to easily organise those smaller items of clothing or accessories, as they can be labelled. Wire mesh baskets can also be suspended from racks and be used to store various items.

To learn more about wardrobe doors and accessories, contact the storage experts of Superglide today!

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