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Tips for making use of your wardrobe space - Superglide

Do you have limited wardrobe space? Do you want to store more clothes, shoes and accessories? If the answer is yes then there are a few simple ways for you to achieve this by making some changes to the interior and exterior of your wardrobe. Below we share some tips for making use of your wardrobe space.

Add shelving

One great way to make use of available wardrobe space is to add shelves. This can be done even in the smallest space. Shelving allows you to store folded clothes, as well as shoes and accessories. Place shelving to the side of the wardrobe, towards the bottom or wherever there is usable space.

Boxes and baskets

Boxes enable you to easily organise those smaller items of clothing or accessories, as they can be labelled. Place them on shelving or store them in the bottom of the wardrobe. Wire mesh baskets can also be suspended from racks and be used to store items such as scarves, shoes and jewellery.

Use sliding doors

To really maximise your wardrobe space remove those old doors and add a sliding door. You’ll find that this will free up so much space. Another benefit is that you can create a wardrobe space in an alcove or corner of the bedroom by simply adding a sliding door.

Add a second rail

Finally, it’s well worth adding a second rail to your wardrobe, about halfway down. This is because there is so much unused space under the original rail and that by adding a second rail you double the capacity to hang your clothes. Adding space dividers will also enable you to easily and quickly find your clothes.

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