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If you are short of wardrobe space, or you just prefer to open your sliding wardrobe doors to a streamlined selection of garments, you could rotate your clothes on a seasonal basis.

In the winter, it is safe to assume that flip-flops can be shelved and in the summer chunky knits can be given a vacation of their own.

Careful storage is a must and you can tuck everything away behind practical and tasteful sliding wardrobe doors. Follow these simple steps to storing your seasonal clothes:


Get clean and fresh

Before you pack away any of your beloved clothes, you need to give them a good clean and make sure you get rid of any stains (which can become more stubborn if left to fester). It’s also worth noting that clean clothes are not as attractive to bugs etc. Wash as per the instructions, dry thoroughly and press as you normally would.

Folding is usually your best option when storing clothes and you can add tissue paper to discourage creases. It’s worth bearing in mind that hanging knits can cause them to stretch or lose shape.


Pack away for another day

The storage area should be dark and dry, clean and not overly warm. Give the inside of the storage area a good dust or vacuum and the area should be dark to help ensure clothes don’t fade and dry as dampness can be appealing to bugs.

A spacious wardrobe is a good option and is even more ideal if it has well-fitting sliding wardrobe doors. Close them firmly and you don’t have to worry about insect invaders.


Go on a storage shopping spree 

You have to be careful when storing clothes, plastic containers are strong and cardboard boxes easy to come by, but they are not necessarily designed for effective storage of your cherished garments.

Garment protection bags are a good option (especially those made of cotton, as this material allows your clothes to breath). When neatly packed, you should store the bags somewhere free from moisture, ensuring they are not too squashed.


Guard against pesky moths and other bugs

You don’t want your neatly packed away clothes to double up as a delightful buffet for hungry bugs. If you are packing away more luxurious items, remember that cashmere is like caviar to moths! Bugs love the peace and quiet, so a dark drawer or wardrobe housing your stored garments could be a tempting resting place.

Garment bags (as mentioned above) are a great way to guard against this. Cedar blocks and lavender offer natural solutions for repelling moths. Store your items, pop in a few cedar blocks or lavender springs and securely close sliding wardrobe doors, to make sure your clothes stay fresh and bug free.

Here at Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors we pride ourselves on offering a full and complete service. We are a family business, hand-crafting our wares at our National Trust Workshop. All our sliding wardrobe doors are made-to-measure to your exacting requirements and you can choose from a wide selection of finishes, to help your bedroom look stylish.

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