Does your bedroom feel like it’s the size of a pantry?   Are you bumping into furniture every time you turn around?   Does it seem like you’re walking out soon as you’ve walked in?  Don’t despair.  There are many ways to create the illusion, or atmosphere, of a larger, airier bedroom, and, believe it or not, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The room planner at The Telegraph suggests glazed doors, as they reflect light and depth and dimension to any size space.

At Superglide you can choose from our many frosted patterned sliding door designs:  stripes, circles, squares, and waves.  Observe the textures on your draperies, bedspreads and carpeting and match up the shapes to create an organic flow.  Another option is mirrored sliding wardrobe doors to lend an air of expansiveness. Our mirrored doors are very sturdy, easy to open and close, but not loud or intrusive.   A high quality set of sliding doors not only adds the illusion of more space by providing a hiding place for your stash, it creates monochromatic background for your bed and furniture that’s soothing on the eye and creates a more expansive atmosphere.

We at Superglide have been helping people manage their space for over a quarter of a century. As a family run business team we have plenty of experience with clients of all tastes, budgets and bedroom lay outs.  Hand made in Wilshire our made-to-measure doors come in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles.  We manufacture both sliding and hinged doors which are fitted onto a steel base and topped with a large MDF casing topped with laminate which comes in a wide array of finishes: oak, walnut, beech, maple, pear, or an eclectic hybrid finishes.

Once we’ve helped you create your storage solutions, you may want more efficiently spaced chests, drawers and interiors – we build those too, and can deliver a brand new bedroom within three weeks.  Our design styles include Cotswold, Millennium, Oriental, or any combination that matches your home’s look.   If you want to make your kitchen appear larger as well, why not do your one stop shopping at Superglide, where we manufacture fitted laminate and solid wood hand painted furniture to house a wide range of appliances and accessories from the leading manufacturers.  You need only allow one of our designer consultants to measure your space, chose your style and finish and wait for our Superglide team to deliver it free of charge!

Or if you prefer, come see, touch and try out our cabinets yourself at our show room in Coleshill.   Chat with our designers about their past strategies, or hear from our satisfied return customers, who may have started with just one issue in one bedroom, then decided to enhance all their bedrooms and their kitchen.  You may even get some space management ideas from our showroom displays.  We are also open to your ideas, and love a challenge.  So for a quick and efficient consultation from an experienced consultant ring David and schedule an appointment today.

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