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When building or renovating your bedroom, choosing fitted bedroom furniture over freestanding ones has a lot of advantages. Aside from the fact that you can customise its appearance to suit your interior design, fitted furniture will enable you to use your available space in the best possible way.

You can also create fitted furniture and make it suit your specific needs. For instance, if you are a fashion enthusiast, you may customise your wardrobes to fit as many clothes or fashion accessories as possible. On the other hand, fitted bedroom furniture can add just the right amount of luxury, style and comfort to your room, helping to add more value to your property.

Fitted bedroom furniture comes in a wide array of colours and styles, ranging from classic to modern. Because the furniture can be built to suit your specific needs, you can decide how long or wide it can be, how many shelves you want to have, how many shoe racks you want to add, how many hanging rails you need, how many drawers can be placed and a lot more.

If you want to maximise the space above your bed, you can also add fitted furniture there but make sure not to put any freestanding items there.

Master Bedroom Ideas

Do you want your master bedroom to have a relaxing vibe? Then using a neutral palette will do the trick. By cleverly using subtle patterns in a small space, you can add interest without overwhelming your senses.

An example would be painting your walls with light grey paint and adding light brown or white furniture. To add a hint of contrast, you can throw in a brightly coloured blanket at the foot of the bed. Another example would be painting your walls with navy blue, adding cream-coloured accent or horizontal lines and adding neutral-coloured furniture.

If your master bedroom is small, this means you only have limited space for your wardrobe. You don’t need to fret though. Expert furniture makers can maximise whatever space you’ve got. For instance, you can incorporate built-in storage solutions under your bed, above your bed and beside the bed. If built-in storage spaces are not an option for you, you can opt for open shelves that can fit all available space you have.

If you prefer a sophisticated palette that is both glamorous and masculine, you might want to consider using dark-coloured paints with accents of white. To add more zest to your bedroom, you can throw in a colourful rug, white bedsheet, and a small chandelier style light to complete the look.

Children’s Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to kids, their interests are intense but also fleeting. You have to take note of that when designing their bedroom. If your child loves a specific sport, you don’t have to incorporate all the individual pieces of that sport in their bedroom: focusing on the overall ambience is way better. If it can make your kids say wow, that would be the cherry on top of a cake.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge, invite your kids to join the design process as this can improve their communication and creative skills. To make the process simple, allow them to make 2 or 3 choices regarding the design of their room so they will feel heard and important. Do not give them too many options as this can overwhelm them.

As a start, you can let your kids choose the colour of the walls, the type of furniture to use and the bedding they want. These items can be customised according to their recent tastes and adjusted if their tastes will change in the future.

If you will allow your kids to make decisions and make them feel that their opinions are important, they will be urged to make an invested choice that they can stick for the long term. This will give them a sense of empowerment and ownership, as well as allowing their creative juices to flow within the living space where they take their daily rest.

Children often have a lot of clothes, toys and other items. To make their bedroom an organised one, a sliding door wardrobe is a perfect solution. For clothes, you can add drawers to keep them from having a mess, as well as hanging space. You can also incorporate shelving for toys to be kept on and space for storage boxes to keep any smaller loose toys in.

Teen Bedroom Ideas

Just like children, teens can be a handful when it comes to their sleeping spaces but don’t let that thought create conflict during the design process. Allow them to do what they want to their room as long as it is within reason. Give them an idea of how long their design decisions need to last. For instance, you can encourage them to think of design ideas that will last for about 3 years and if they decide to change anything within that time period, they can do so at their own expense.

If you give them an idea about the weight of their decision and the consequences of making any future changes, your teenager will be able to come up with a design scheme that they will appreciate. Just like young children, teenagers appreciate it when their opinions are honoured. It is also one way of allowing them to express themselves in a positive way.

A teenager’s bedroom is a sanctuary and allowing them to customise it will help them feel valued, safe and at ease. They often go through a lot of emotional, physical and mental turmoil and having a safe space where they can go home to will help them feel better at the end of the day.

Allow your teenager to think of ideas for their bed, study area and storage space within a specified budget. This will help develop their skills for regulating their emotions and decision-making.

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