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Let’s face it – your bedroom is already awesome. It’s comfy, cosy and the perfect place to relax.

However, there’s something missing.

Something that will make it the envy of all other bedrooms.

What is it, though?

If you’re looking for the finishing touch for your bedroom, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of five great additions to your bedroom that will make it the best room in the house.

  1. Speaker pillows

If you find it hard to sleep without noise, it’s difficult sharing a room with someone else. You can’t leave a stereo or TV on, because it’ll keep them awake.

However, having silence is keeping you awake. The answer is a speaker pillow.

It has a wire you can plug into your phone, and you can play music for yourself without waking up your partner! They’re the best solution for such a thorny problem.

  1. Light alarm clocks

Nothing is worse than being woken up by the shrieking of an alarm clock. It startles you awake, which isn’t the best start to the day.

Instead, get an alarm clock that wakes you up by introducing light to the room.

It’ll start lighting up slowly a few minutes before your alarm is due to go off, and get brighter and brighter until you’re fully awake. A much more relaxing way to get up in the morning.

  1. The under duvet fan

In the summer, nothing’s worse than a hot bedroom. You’ll toss and turn all night, unable to sleep as it’s too warm and sweaty.

Fans are great, but you can’t feel the benefit if you need to sleep with some sort of covering.

This fan circumvents the problem by sitting at the end of your bed and fitting under your duvet. Now, you can have the duvet and a fan that blows cool air around under it!

  1. Sliding wardrobe doors

Many rooms have odd corners and dimensions, thanks to sloping ceilings and other quirks of architecture.

It can make fitting furniture in a real nightmare, especially your wardrobes.

Sliding wardrobe doors could be the solution. They work with your space rather than against it, meaning you use all the available space to the best advantage.

  1. Clip on book lights

This is a small gadget but a really useful one. If you like to read late into the night but your partner wants to sleep, this will help you both get what you want.

This little light sits at the end of a bendy wire, which is attached to a clip.

You attach the clip to your book, and bend the light until it’s pointing at your book. Now, you can read and your partner can sleep!

Fancy the idea of sliding wardrobe doors? Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors can help you. Call us for a quote and see how we can improve your bedroom today.

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