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Customised wardrobes can help you create organisation in your home and will store your belongings as neatly as you like them to be.

Investing in custom-made wardrobes is beneficial in many ways.

Are you interested in learning more? Keep reading to find out how wardrobes can transform your lifestyle into something more efficient.

Why do you need a custom wardrobe?

Creating a custom wardrobe design usually involves working with a carpenter and a wardrobe designer.

The design of the custom wardrobe will be based on your preferences and your preferences alone. As the designer, all you have to do is consider your specific wardrobe and storage needs. Whether it’s displaying and organising your clothes or storing your belongings more efficiently for easy access, a customised wardrobe will suit your items better.

Here are some of the benefits of having a custom wardrobe:

  • Customised wardrobes can provide efficient spaces for the bedroom or other spaces where you want your closet to go.
  • Customised designs work best for utilising the current space you have.
  • Getting a custom closet can help you convert non-right angle corners and walls from dead spaces to functional ones. Regular wardrobe designs cannot be accommodated in confined spaces.
  • Customised wardrobes hold all your clothes and are designed to fit everything you own in a way that keeps everything organised, neat, and tidy.
  • You can save more money with customised wardrobes because you don’t need to purchase additional storage. And you can also store everything suited to the way they’re supposed to be stored, avoiding damage to purses, sweaters or shoes that require special storage solutions.
  • Having a custom closet could inspire and motivate you to get more organised in other aspects of your daily life, such as your finances.
  • Customised wardrobes can also help make your life healthy and more organised in general.

All of this and more is available with Superglide Wardrobes. Call us today for more information on how you can get a customised wardrobe solution today.

How can your lifestyle benefit from customised wardrobes?

Having a customised wardrobe can be expensive. But there are options to help you with the cost and at the same time provide extra organisation to your life. It can also bring significant benefits to your lifestyle. 

Here are some examples of how customised wardrobes can benefit your lifestyle:

  • Increased organisation. An organised space clears your mind and makes it easier to grab the things you need quickly. You’ll start the day in a positive mood with an organised space.
  • Quicker access to what you need. All your outfits and other wardrobe items will be at your fingertips and in ready-to-wear condition with a custom wardrobe.
  • Saving more money. Having an organised wardrobe allows you to see precisely what you have available at all times. This will prevent you from buying new things and duplicate items because you already have them. You may also sell some of your unnecessary stuff and make extra money. Additionally, you don’t have to purchase additional storage because everything has its place in a customised wardrobe!
  • Appropriate storage, even for the fun stuff. An organised wardrobe will give you an increased storage capacity – that’s a given. Say goodbye to random knick-knacks in random places in your home and put them on display in a customised wardrobe!

Now that you have an idea of the lifestyle benefits of custom wardrobes, you’ll never go back to regular old wardrobes.

Get the best custom wardrobe service now and create the design that you genuinely want for your space. Visit us at Superglide Wardrobes to see what we can do for your space.

How to build a custom wardrobe?

Are you planning to get a custom wardrobe?

Here are simple ways to make your wardrobe more organised at home:

Keep Your Hangers Uniform

Dispose of all your plastic hangers and cheap wire hangers. Instead, buy a few packs of premium, high-quality wood or durable velvet-covered hangers. They will look superb in your wardrobe, won’t break easily from heavy clothes, and your clothing won’t fall off the hangers into a heap on the floor.

Uniformly shaped hangers will also add additional space to your wardrobe, meaning room for more!

Add appropriate shoe storage

Look for a shoe rack that fits your space. Look into wall shoe storage, on the door or those that can hang via a rod. You’ll spend less time hunting for matching shoes on the floor and create a more presentable design.

Arrange everything accordingly

Take some time to arrange your clothing in a way that works best for you. Think about how you get dressed every day and organise the wardrobe from there. You can organise them by category, colour, or style.

Frequency of using the item

Put the items you use most frequently at eye level, front and centre in your wardrobe. Put less often used clothing off to the sides, lower, or higher in your wardrobe.

Alternatively, if you want to start using these less-used clothes more, you can reverse this technique and put the items you don’t use to where you can see them better to increase the frequency of use.

Add racks

Adding flexible racks help neatly store clothing when you need extra space in your wardrobe.

Here are a few options you may consider:

  • Telescopic valet wardrobe rods
  • Pull-out and expandable trouser racks
  • Pull-out tie and belt racks
  • Folding racks with swing-out rods
  • Flip-down shelves with retractable hooks
  • Over-the-door valet hooks

Get fully customised wardrobes, designed by experts today with Superglide Wardrobes

Superglide Wardrobes come with 20 years of experience in the made-to-measure sliding wardrobe door field.

There are no standard sizes. Every set of sliding wardrobe doors are made to fit the width and height required. We have an array of primary materials. Delivery times are generally in the order of three weeks from ordering.

We offer clients a complete service from a fully fitted bedroom to sliding wardrobe doors, dressing table, chests and bedside units. We have both sliding wardrobe doors and hinged door furniture complete with matching units. Our sliding wardrobe doors are based on a steel system with a laminate choice of colour on top, i.e. Oak, Walnut, Beech, and more.

We bring your ideas to life.

For more ideas and guidance on making the most of your space, please call 01793 861584 or email for more information.