Hopefully you’ve already read about the designs and ideas we have for sliding wardrobe doors in the bedroom here on our site. Have you also considered what great uses you can have for our storage solutions in other rooms of your house?

Have you thought about accommodating a wardrobe space in your hall? Somewhere to store your coats, jackets, shoes, umbrellas, but also a unit to add a chic, modern touch. Consider mirrored panels if you have artwork hung on the opposite wall. A stunning effect that will give the impression of opening up the entrance to your home.

The kitchen can benefit too. Plenty to stow away such as utensils, cookbooks, glassware, crockery. But also, how about a pantry space? Somewhere you can store your oils, spices, tins and dry goods. Lending your kitchen a luxurious uncluttered feel.

A lounge could also benefit from a sliding door closet ranged across a wall. Inside you could arrange your sound system, your television, a whole entertainment centre as well as shelves of your DVDs and books.

Even the bathroom? Somewhere to store towels, bathrobes and toiletries. Again, mirrored doors would be effective here in a light, bright bathroom, reflecting beautiful wall tiles. For the purpose of creating the illusion of a bigger space, perhaps?

One option you may not have thought of – a home office. If you work from home, you will recognise the need to compartmentalise your work things from your domestic.

You might want to convert your garage to fashion a work space for yourself, in which case stylish and functional sliding door closets would be perfect to complete a well-designed, practical office. Make use of interior shelves, baskets and drawers that we supply as wardrobe accessories.

Then, there’s the making use of all those dead and awkward spaces in the home. The space under the stairs, for example, or either side of a chimney breast. Fitted wardrobes can fit into all of these odd spaces. Brilliantly in that irregularly shaped attic room under the gables.

Create what could be styled into a lovely kid’s bedroom or play area. There are alcoves too. Take a good look at your home and reimagine it with the potential for stylish storage solutions.

If you would like any advice or a consultation, we are a sliding wardrobe company. We can visit you whenever is convenient and do just that. We look forward to your call.

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