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Allow your home office to make working from home easier than going to the corporate office

In this turnover happy economy more and more corporate workers are opting to go freelance and work out of the home. They want to liberate themselves from constant supervision, office politics and dress codes.

These ends can indeed be achieved in the comfort and familiarity of your home. Once you make the leap into independent contractor reality, however, you may just realise it’s not all that much easier than showing up at corporate headquarters on time in a suit.

Though it eliminates travel time, wardrobe expenses and over-your-shoulder overbearing boss headaches, the Daily Mail finds that working from home can be just as stressful for different reasons. In home workers have a tendency to lose focus, find it difficult to maintain momentum and never quite hone the ability to turn off work when it’s time for family and friends.

The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to take strict control of your work environment, designing it for efficiency and high functionality.

That’s why your choice of home office storage is crucial. Your work materials and supplies should be within reach, well organised and easy on the eyes so they do not distract you. Accomplishing this is easy when you install sliding wardrobe doors behind which to store all your job resources and tool kits.

We at Superglide have been figuring out the home-work balance for over three decades now, and we’re still coming up with new versions of our sliding wardrobe door solution every day.

The office is the labourer’s sanctuary and productivity hub, so it should look and function as such.

Our highly trained designer-installers understand how critical it is to structure and design home offices efficiently and aesthetically, so they are highly functional without being distracting. Keeping your business equipment and paperwork organised, labelled and easy to spot saves you hours every day.

All the boxes, cabinets, bin sets and shelving options on the market can make choosing a storage system a bit overwhelming.

We suggest installing durable steel frame sliding doors against one end of the room. As a busy professional you probably have little time to search for the perfect width and height. Save yourself time, hassle and money by ordering custom-made steel frame ceiling suspended sliding doors from us.

You’ll be opening and closing them quite often, so you need durable materials and design. We’ve got it. Â All we need from you are the measurements of the space you’ve allocated for storage and your choice of finish and style.

If you already have a wooden desk and chair set you should order a set of matte finish walnut or oak laminate doors to maintain continuity and avoid a visually jarring work environment. At Superglide you will never find a set of doors that squeak or stick.

Our family has been using Superglide doors in our own office for twenty-five years, and we are sticklers for quality. If you’re ready to transform your home office into an efficient, aesthetic, highly functional, productivity-friendly workspace give us a call.

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Dave Collins