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Has interior decor turned a corner? What’s with the neutral colours? Are they so last season? Maybe not, but there are some fabulous ideas out there for packing colour into your living space. Colours that can work to tie in the sliding wardrobe doors in your chic, modern bedroom.

Choosing a bedroom colour scheme is important when deciding how you want your room make you feel. Given the amount of time we spend in our bedrooms, it’s important to make it feel like our personal sanctuary. You might feel happier with bursts of block colour or more relaxed with opulent tones. Uplifted by bright colours.

Then you might want to add depth by reflecting those colours. How about installing sliding wardrobe doors with mirrored panels to reflect light around the room?

You can make a statement in your bedroom by adding high-gloss sliding doors. Make a feature of your bedroom storage with bespoke coloured-glass sliding doors.

And for an added touch, why not have installed an internal light that reacts to the sliding doors opening? A soft blue hue can have a striking effect in a contemporary neutral space.

If you have kids at the age that they want to stamp their own personality on their personal space, how about adding colour to a teenage girl’s room? Bring it to life with sliding doors decorated with wall stickers. Something to reflect their favourite interests. Of course, those sliding wardrobe doors can conceal a whole hoard of teen clutter as well.

Have you considered colourful, stencilled sliding wardrobe doors? You can customise plain sliding wardrobe doors to suit the space they occupy. Apply stencilled patterns or apply wall stickers for a unique, strident collage.

You can find some amazing designs and ideas for stencils at And for smaller detail designs, Rockett St George offers easy-to-apply decals available online from

Then there’s wallpaper. You can augment your sliding doors by papering them with the same wallpaper you use on the surrounding wall. Or choose something stand-out like a floral pattern, something that gives the bedroom that sumptuous look. The choice of wallpaper designs is endless. Take a look at the stunning designs on offer at

Plan out the colours and their arrangement in the bedroom you want to modernise and spruce, but don’t forget to tie them all in with those magnificent sliding wardrobe doors. Something we can help you with. Call us for a consultation.

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Dave Collins