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If you know the acronym OOTD this article is for you!

Choosing the right OOTD is as essential to performing well in the workplace as the job itself.  Many already recognise that the outfit you choose helps you feel confident to run meetings in style, deliver presentations with finesse and maintain a professional outlook. But finding the right outfit is not always easy – depending on your organisation, where your clothes are stored and even the tidiness of your wardrobes can make it stressful and time-consuming on your end.

Sliding wardrobes can help you manage your clothes, not just by providing extra space but by allowing you to organise clothes by brand, colours, style and even shape (are you hourglass, apple or pear?!)

Learn more about the benefits of switching to a sliding wardrobe door.

Benefits of Sliding Closet Doors

Below are the top five perks you can experience in using sliding doors:

You “Need” More Stuff

Whether you are fashion conscious, addicted to the latest style or building a classic capsule wardrobe, there is always more that you need to add to your collection. For many though, the problem is having limited space to fit it all in.

More often than not, wardrobes are so full that the items become unkempt & screwed up, or are stuffed to the brim with clothes that are never used or have clothes which are only worn in set seasons/times of the year taking up valuable day to day space. And though there are many insta posts and youtube videos showing you how to effectively organise your wardrobe, the time it would take, & the likelihood of it becoming messy again, often puts people off even starting. 

But you know that without the right wardrobe space & storage method, that little black dress for a formal event, your heels from Prada, or the gorgeous Chanel handbag you saved for, will not be stored in a way that preserves the item for a longer term.

One of the main perks of a wardrobe with sliding doors is that they are fitted from floor to ceiling. This gives you more space to work with as you can use the additional width from the wardrobe to the door and generally reach further back into the space. This allows storage solutions to be implemented like drawers, hanging units and pull out rails – so whether it is jumpers, dresses, jeans, scarfs, or belts – you can be more organised and find that item you are looking for, even if you are in a rush. And that’s before we even consider shoe options!

Easy to use

Sliding doors allow you to get in and out of your wardrobe effortlessly. Simple push and pull mechanisms, alongside organisation, make your life easier, with no more fuss about finding missing jewellery, choosing shoes or selecting other accessories. Even if you share the wardrobe with a special someone, it is easy to divide the wardrobe into two and design it for the different uses you might have.

Adds aesthetic value to your room

Sliding Wardrobe doors also add to the aesthetics of your room. Whether your style is modern gloss, shabby chic or minimalist there will be a wardrobe door for you. An organised wardrobe also ensures you can maintain a clutter-free look to your bedroom, allowing space for soft furnishing and personal touches like picture frames. Consider customising the colours of your wardrobe doors too – bright, muted, mirrored there are endless choices to fit in with your boudoir style.

Choose from different styles

Depending on your preferences wardrobe doors are fully customisable – from the colours, to the style, to the handles – it all depends on what you want, your style, and of course, your budget.

It’s an investment

If you plan on selling your home or property in the future, wardrobes can definitely increase the market value of your home. Potential buyers look for the useful and aesthetic impact of the property they buy both indoors and out. A nicely fitted wardrobe can be seen as aspirational, or incredibly useful, even indicating the level of the care that has been taken in looking after the property.

Is it easy to fit sliding wardrobe doors?

Wardrobe doors are available from many of the big DIY branded retailers & can be installed by yourself at home. Instructions are included and you can always watch YouTube videos when you get stuck. The key thing in considering DIY installation for wardrobe doors is actually the dimensions and specifications of the area you want the sliding doors to be installed – which means you need to measure it.  Measuring needs to be accurate and detailed.

You will need to measure the depth, height and width of the area. When calculating the depth, you need to consider an allowance of 620mm on each side (this is the standard measurement for interior wardrobes). For the height, measure the both sides of the space available and for the width, measure the spaces across the opening. With all measurements, you need to take multiple measurements at different points, as often the walls & ceilings will not be straight and therefore the measurements will be different!

Many people don’t have the necessary DIY skills to design & install themselves. Lack of experience and skill results in poor fitting, wonky doors and sliding mechanisms not being as smooth as they should be.  It is therefore much more convenient to get the sliding doors and wardrobes installed by a professional seller and/or installer.  And many sellers provide free installation services when you buy the design from them.

Can I put sliding doors on my wardrobe?

Sliding doors make wardrobes leaner and stylish. While it is commonly used for wardrobes, it can also be applied to other furniture at home. Remember, the point of having this is it is convenient and customisable. You can place it anywhere you see fit as long as you have the proper dimensions and, of course, the budget to do so.

Before you buy and do it, consult an expert on the best way to install a sliding door. While at it, you can ask if it can also be applied to your cabinet in the kitchen or some other fixtures and furniture you have.

Nowadays, people look for better alternatives for their living arrangements. Space saver furniture is highly valued as they make life easier, manageable and leaner without compromising style and function. Space is one thing, but for many people space-saving furniture such as sliding doors also allow them to be tidy, productive and efficient.

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