A spatially challenged (read “small”) bedroom can seem a lamentable space. There are though a number of ways of making a cramped space into a dreamy retreat with bags of personality.

Light colours work of course. Ceilings and walls in white enhance the illusion of space, but for something extra, a classy touch, introduce soft neutral coloured pillows, lightshades and accessories.

If all white is a bit too stark for you, then go with a limited colour palette. Add your favourite colours, but in a thoughtful way. Say reds and oranges – if those are your colours – limited to a luxuriant rug.

A slight trick is to hang minimal wall decorations either side of the window and therefore draw the eye to it and the bigger view beyond.

While we’re on the subject, let the light in through uncluttered windows to get as much natural light into the room as possible. Though, don’t be afraid to drag a bed right up to a window. It might well look better there than in the centre of the room taking up an inordinate amount of space.

Under a window, you can have installed a built-in wall unit as a means of storage complete with slick drawer fronts.

Make a feature of your storage cabinet. One with sliding wardrobe doors ideally, which won’t impact on space in the room every time you open it up. Inside, you can fix up shelving arrangements to stack books and incorporate a desk for work or study. Or you could fashion a customised shelf to be your bedside table complete with reading light.

Did you know that you can have furniture made to measure? A bit more expensive than off-the-rack, but a worthwhile investment. You can have a bed made to best fit the space you have with built-in drawers. Or you can prop up your bed on risers so as to utilise otherwise wasted space underneath (take a look at the nifty Studio 3B 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set online). It will easily raise your bed a few inches to provide you with some extra storage space.

While you’re looking for storage solutions, how about above the bed, incorporating shelves in a headboard? Make space in cubby holes for all sorts of characterful touches, like vases, books, lamps and ornaments.

Finally, don’t forget the old trick of using mirrors to give the impression of a more spacious room. Position a mirror high up on the wall for a subtle effect. We offer sliding wardrobe doors that incorporate mirror panels for good measure.

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