A well designed and decorated bedroom can provide you with a space that offers solace from the day to day humdrum of life.

Bedrooms aren’t as tricky to remodel as, for example, a kitchen or bathroom. But making a few changes – such as investing in new sliding wardrobe doors, can really make a difference to the look and feel of your room.

Before you get designing, ask yourself a few key questions.


What do you use bedroom space for?

Before remodelling your bedroom, consider how you will utilise the space. For the majority of the time its main purpose may be a place for plenty of sleeping, be it a light snooze of a full-on snore-fest.

But perhaps yours doubles up as a home office, with a neat space for a desk and your well-used laptop. Or you might have invested in a snazzy pop up TV lift that leads you to use your room as a place to snuggle up and watch a movie.

What you use your room for will give you an idea of how much storage you will need to plan.

What things that you need to change?

Have a look around your bedroom as it currently stands. Are there things that annoy you or that you feel could be altered to improve your feelings toward the room? It could be that the room feels a little dull – you could consider lighter colours or different window dressings.

Lots of clutter may be weighing you down, if so think about how you can reclaim the space by having a clear out and investing in clever storage.

Fitted wardrobes offer a useful way to hide away all of your bits and bobs, the addition of stylish sliding wardrobe doors will ensure a streamlined look to your room.


How can your bedroom best reflect your lifestyle and personal traits?  

Before you begin the project – picture your ideal bedroom. What does it look like? Is it a cosy place where you can cuddle up with a furry throw, close heavy drapes and light a candle? Or a light, fresh space that conjures up images of a yoga stretch to start the day.


Can you re-arrange or upscale the furniture?

Freestanding furniture can be moved around to best suit the layout of your bedroom. You might be able to avoid purchasing costly new bedroom furniture – a coat of paint and new accessories can be a cost-effective solution.


Can you upscale your current furniture?

It’s fun to get stuck into a project and can save lots of money. Another simple idea is to add chic sliding wardrobe doors, there a many designs to choose and a new look could really lift the look of your room.

Here at Superglide Sliding Wardrobe Doors we provide our customers with a full service. We offer high-quality, made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors in a wide selection of finishes, including walnut, oak and beech.

All of our items are made on-site at our National Trust Workshop in Wiltshire and we pride ourselves on carefully crafting our products to your exacting requirements.

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