Admittedly there are some of us who work so hard that when it comes time to go to bed, barely two minutes will pass between walking into the bedroom and undressing, and then falling fast asleep. The relative importance of having a stylish and inviting bedroom does not come particularly high up on the scale. There again you may not be the only person who uses the bedroom and therefore perhaps a little bit of extra thought might go a long way when taking your partner into consideration. Who knows, maybe when even in a state of semi-collapse and in desperate need of sleep, having the option of gently sliding open a wardrobe door to reveal ample hanging space might encourage you not to leave your clothes lying scattered all over the floor?

It is remarkable how easy we can get into bad habits and, with the best will in the world, whilst we may try a revamp of our bedroom, if that extends no further than changing the decor and fitting a new carpet, these bad habits are likely to continue. Design your own interior for a wardrobe with hanging rails and shelves and tuck it all behind some mirrored sliding wardrobe doors and not only will your bedroom feel bigger without the clutter of clothes everywhere, but the mirroring on the wardrobe doors will make the bedroom feel appreciably bigger and also lighter.

When bedroom space is limited there is always the temptation to buy small items of furniture. However, all this does is limit your storage space and doesn’t actually maximise the use of the limited space available. Once again designing a wall-to-wall wardrobe unit with shelving and having mirrored sliding wardrobe doors to create a greater feeling of space can be far more effective.

Interestingly, if you are into remodelling and renovating property, the clever use of units with sliding doors can be a huge attraction. Not only do they stop an empty bedroom appearing totally characterless, but when a would-be purchaser only has to envisage adding a bed and bedside table to a room the fact the room may be relatively small tends to become less obvious. In addition, if you are renovating a family-sized house then it would do no harm to fit wardrobes with sliding wardrobe doors in all the bedrooms, and in a couple of them have a simple shelf at desk height. This all helps to show that you have put a little extra thought into the works you have carried out.


Finally, what can be a really clever use of sliding wardrobe doors is to have them as a full width unit giving uniformity to one end of your bedroom, but one of the sliding doors hides the entrance to an ensuite bathroom or shower room. Sliding wardrobe doors present a great opportunity to really stamp your mark on a bedroom as well as provide one of the best available storage solutions, so whatever your needs, make sure you get in touch with us here at Super Glide and we will be more than happy to help guide you through our design, purchase and installation service throughout the UK.

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