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Your bedroom decor is more important than you’d think. It’s a room where you need to go at the end of the day and be able to unwind.

If it’s full of clothes on every surface, mismatching patterns or glaring lights, you won’t be able to be fully rested for the day ahead.

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, here’s a few changes you can make that will really help.

Sliding wardrobe doors

Your regular wardrobes are struggling to hold all of your clothes, and you end up with piles of things dotted all around the bedroom.

How can you relax when the room is so messy? Sliding wardrobe doors could be the answer.

They help as they’re designed to fit into the space you have, giving you more storage space than before. Put all your things away and feel much more relaxed.

Blackout curtains

Your curtains do a good enough job of keeping the light out, right? Not really. They actually let a lot more light pollution in than you’d think.

Try switching them out for blackout curtains, as they’ll block out much more light and help you sleep.

If you don’t want to do that, an eye mask can be a really good, low budget alternative.

Organised storage

Nothing’s worse than not being able to find the one thing you need. When everything has its place, the room is much more relaxing.

If you’re struggling with finding the right pair of shoes in the morning, try revamping your bedroom storage.

If you chose to have sliding wardrobe doors fitted, you’re already halfway there. You can have cupboards installed for anything you need, from shoes to towels.

Muted colour schemes

Do your walls have patterned wallpaper or bright colours on them? They may be the reason it’s hard to relax in your bedroom.

Try painting your walls in more muted colours to get a more serene look. Blue is a great colour for bedrooms, as it’s much more relaxing.

Once you make these changes to the walls, you’ll find that the room is a lot less busy and feels much calmer to you.

Don’t bring your work into the bedroom

Some people will have desks or computers set up in the bedroom, as that’s the only space for it.

It’s a good idea, but it’s very hard to sleep in the same place you work. Take the computer out, and ban any activity that isn’t sleeping from the bedroom altogether.

If sliding wardrobe doors sound like a good idea, get in touch with us at Super Glide Wardrobes. We’ll create wardrobes that fit around you and your lifestyle. They’re a lot more affordable than you might think! Get in touch today for a quote.

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