The Sliding Wardrobe Door Specialists

Sliding wardrobe doors made to measure can give you more space in a small room. Meantime, here’s 10 other ways you can decorate a small bedroom to make it more inviting:

1. The more obvious move is to install a bed with built-in draws.

2. You can also introduce space-saving furniture. Nesting tables, for instance, which can be stacked away when not in use. Rethink your desk set-up too. A corner desk can double up as a nightstand.

3. Why clutter up bedside tables with bedside lamps when you can hang a pendant lamp from the ceiling, leaving more room on the tables for other things, like books? Or sconces (a type of light fixture fixed to the wall) that swing on hinges will take up less space than table lamps.

4. Add mirrors. Closet mirrors in the room expand the sense of space. Or you can choose sliding wardrobe doors with mirrored panels, made to measure to fit the required space.

5. Choose a wall paint that mimics sunlight. You can lighten up even a windowless studio bed alcove by painting the walls a soft, butter yellow, like morning light. A colour that will make the room feel like it’s bathed in Mediterranean sunshine.

6. Another way of creating an illusion of more space is to hang fake bookshelf wallpaper.

7. To save space, why not hang your bed’s headboard on the wall?

8. Of course, you can celebrate what you’ve got. A potential sumptuous cubbyhole or jewel box. Cover the walls in an eye-catching, floral design wallpaper. With patterns to distract your senses from the tight quarters.

9. Conceal with curtains. Hang them, for instance, behind the bed to conceal a large storage area.

10. Totally disregard the above and go bold. Dark colours can work in small spaces too. Paint the walls mahogany. Walls can then play off fabrics in hot tropical colours. If you’re of the opinion that small doesn’t really matter when the bedroom’s main purpose is for sleeping, why not make it dark, moody and sensual?

Play with scale. An oversized bed can feel intuitively the wrong choice, but walking into a room dominated by a big bed can trick the eyes into thinking this is a big space.

If you’d like to include in your design those sliding wardrobe doors made to measure, give us a call on 01793 861584. Let us take care of that.