No one ever feels like they have enough storage space in their home. No matter what you do, you feel as though your cupboards and shelves are straining under the weight of everything you own.

The solution isn’t always more storage, it’s actually smarter storage.

Here’s 7 ways you can improve the storage space in your home that you haven’t even thought of before.

  1. False front drawers under the sink

Those false front drawers under your sink seem like just a waste, but at the moment they’re just for show.

You can actually improve on them by making them into small shelves that you can pull out. They’re great for storing sponges and other washing up paraphernalia in.

  1. Use the dead space on the back of cupboard doors

There’s plenty of cupboard space that you’re not even using right now. Install hooks, shelves, or even magazine holders onto the back of your doors.

They’re perfect for holding things like your mops and brooms, clingfilm and tin foil, or anything else that you can think of.

  1. Install sliding wardrobe doors

Do you have a space in your home that you can’t really fit anything into? Under the stairs, odd alcoves in the living room, an empty space in the bedroom… they all add up.

Have sliding wardrobe doors installed on them, and they instantly become storage spaces. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in them.

  1. Hang a magnetic strip in the bathroom

There’s all kinds of things that take up space in the bathroom. Are you tired of finding hair grips and toe nail clippers all over the place?

Install a magnetic strip on the wall, and you can hang everything from that. Everything’s now in easy reach, and not cluttering up your bathroom.

  1. Use picture ledges for bedside essentials

If you have a small bedroom, you find that there really isn’t enough room for proper bedside tables. However, that doesn’t mean all your stuff has to sit on the floor.

Instead, install small picture ledges next to the bed. They can hold things like your glasses, your phone and the latest novel you’re reading, without taking up too much space.

  1. Hide your jewellery behind a mirror

If you have an impressive jewellery collection but nowhere to put it, this tip is for you. Hang your items on hooks on the wall, then install a full length mirror in front of it all.

If you put the mirror on a hinge, you can just swing it out when you need a necklace.

  1. Use shallow shelves to store kid’s books

Space in your kid’s room is at a premium. Store their picture books on shallow shelves just behind their door, keeping them accessible yet out of the way.

If you’ve decided sliding wardrobe doors are for you, come to us at Superglide sliding wardrobe doors. We’ve been making them for years and can create doors that are perfectly suited for your home.

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