At Superglide we don’t just do sliding wardrobe doors

What we want to achieve here at Superglide through this article is to let you know that while we are specialists in making made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors, we have many more strings to our bow. Sliding wardrobe doors makes you automatically think that we only provide solutions for bedrooms and that the sliding doors are always floor-to-ceiling height. This most definitely is not the case.

So, what else can we provide? Let’s start in the bedroom; aside from the sliding wardrobe doors themselves, we also make made-to-measure units to go behind them. This can be full-height shelving, a dressing table or for those of you who work from home we can even hide a full office behind sliding wardrobe doors in your bedroom.

The beauty of made-to-measure bedroom furniture is that you can maximise what is often a limited amount of space. Using one wall of your bedroom on which to place all your storage solutions allows you to furnish the bedroom with items that are more conducive to creating a relaxed and calming atmosphere, which is what you ideally want.

Better still, if you have an en suite bathroom or shower room that is another doorway which takes up space, but it needn’t. Instead you can use the wall with the doorway into the bathroom or shower room to run width sliding wardrobe doors, but with one of the doors sliding to reveal the entrance into the bathroom or shower room with a storage unit above. It may sound like a strange concept but in France, for example, in modern property, and especially flats where space is usually limited, sliding doors are more common than swinging doors.

On the subject of home offices and with the increasing popularity of what is called ‘remote working’, whether it is a bedroom, dining room, kitchen-dining room or living room, it is remarkable how easy it is to create a discreet working environment where all you have to do to start work in the morning is slide open the doors and hey presto! The beauty of this is that whichever room you decide to put a home office in, it doesn’t have to interfere with the normal functionality of that room.

What is exceptionally beneficial with sliding wardrobe doors is the ability to create a fully-functional kitchen and hide it all discreetly. This is extremely popular in studio flats where you want to get away from any sense that it is nothing more than an up-market bedsit and, after all, there is nothing particularly appealing about having a bed in your kitchen! In fact, it is remarkable how easy it is to create a studio apartment that looks just like a normal living room with a small dining area, yet hidden behind sliding wardrobe doors there can be a kitchen, a drop-down double bed and a home office. From a marketing point of view this type of arrangement can add thousands to the value of a studio apartment conversion.

Whatever your design thoughts may be why not give us a call here at Superglide and we will be delighted to discuss any number of storage solutions with you.

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Dave Collins
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