Messy Closet

“Clothes on hangers, shelves, and just stuffed into any available space”

Adding the further problem of trying to get the doors closed – only to find they keep popping open.

This, of course, won’t happen if you have Superglide sliding doors on your fitted wardrobes.

Doors can’t pop open with a sliding-door system – instead, they will gently slide over the Armageddon disaster area within.

There are obviously two benefits of these doors: the first is that that your bedroom will always look stylish and up to date, but additionally no one will know that your wardrobe is a hoarder’s hell.

However, if you have invested in new wardrobes with stylish sliding doors, it seems a no-brainer to actually have a wardrobe declutter.

Remove any clothes that you never wear, don’t fit, or you have gone off. Even this simple step will reduce the clutter within your wardrobe.

Then remove your seasonal clothes and store them in boxes on the top shelf of the wardrobe, then swap when the seasons change.

So in the summer, you don’t need thick winter coats, snuggly jumpers and scarves. Immediately you have halved your clothes in the wardrobe, making the summer clothes easier to access.

All of Superglide’s fantastic internal storage solutions, such as column shelving or drawers and the hanging interior package will make it easier for you to organise your seasonal clothes.

By having a designated space for all of your clothes, shoes and accessories you can guarantee that you will never be ashamed of your cluttered, over-flowing wardrobe again.

However, if you really are not very good at keeping your wardrobe shelves, hanging rails and drawers a tidy, organised haven, then you can always slide the doors shut and your secret will be safe.

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Dave Collins
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