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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a room separate from all the others on which to stamp your own personality. It should be calm and restful and feel in some way luxurious.

Indulge yourself and make a statement in the bedroom with a well thought-out colour palette. Whatever colour you favour or gravitate towards, go with shades of it in the bed linen, the duvets, curtains etc. Or, if you prefer, look to combine dramatic statement designs. Don’t overdo it, though – a flash of colour in an otherwise neutral-coloured room will suffice.

When you’re putting together your bedroom design, use different textures in order to add dimension. You might consider a quilted leather headboard, for instance, or a wood wall perhaps, either varnished or painted up?

Your bed can be your signature piece, perhaps install a statement bed frame. A four poster can be dressed with billowing, luxurious linen curtains or you might choose to raise the bed on a platform.

Of course, when you’re personalising your space, don’t forget all those trinkets you’ve collected over the years. Gifts, mementos and paraphernalia you’ve hauled back from your travels. Bring them into the bedroom and scatter. Concentrating the items that make you happy at eye-line height makes them visible more often, warmly inviting you back each time you return to your retreat.

Hang photographs. Elegant prints that add calm to the room. Interestingly, interior decorators advise against hanging family photographs in the bedroom. Anywhere else in the house yes, but this is a place you come to close out all thoughts before you go to sleep. The idea is not to make a place where you come to rest emotionally loaded. Quality family time can wait until the following morning.

Hang artwork on the walls too. Think about choosing something very special to you, rather than going overboard. A piece that deserves pride of place.

On the bed, go for layers. Arrange throws, linen, bed runners – all to give your space an instantly glamorous upgrade. The cosiest retreat, in wintertime. Throw cushions in different colours and designs are an art in themselves. Not so many that you have to endlessly dig to get into bed, but enough for a sumptuous, inviting touch!

On the floor, a rug. Choose something soft, stylish, and timeless.

And lastly, declutter. If you want stylish, space-saving hanging space, take a look at what a sliding wardrobe company has to offer. Come see our fantastic range of designs at Superglide Wardrobes.

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Dave Collins