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The Christmas season is upon us and you are probably shopping hard making sure you have everything you need to see those beautifully smiling faces on Christmas morning, but now you have it all where do you hide it?!

With children being so inquisitive finding a hiding place for all those presents is no easy task. Below we will give you some top tips on how to make the best hiding places in the space you have! 

Your Bedroom . This is of course the easiest and most obvious hiding place for your gifts. You could utilise your any drawers you may have or space under the bed. If you have a floor to ceiling sliding door wardrobe you can hide your presents at the very top, out of sight and reach from your little ones! The only downfall with using your bedroom is that your children are probably in there a lot and you run the risk of them seeing gifts when you are getting your clothes in and out.

Storage boxes and Suitcases. Storage boxes and suitcases are great hideaways for those gifts. The larger the better! Pop in as many gifts as you can and store them away, or pop them in the corner and cover them over with a blanket to keep them hidden.

Using the attic. This is a great storage area as it cannot be easily accessed by small children. It’s a perfect area to hide all your gifts. Just make sure to keep them covered with a plastic bag to keep them from getting dusty and dirty.

Keep it inside your car. If you do not have good hiding spots in the house, you can use the boot of your car to hide some of your gifts. Just remember to make sure you lock your car. Surprisingly this is one of the top places that parents hide the presents away!

Conceal it in the garage. If you have already used this area in your house to store other stuff, hiding your gifts here won’t be raising any red flags with your kids or other loved ones. Just keep it away from other similar items stored in the same location. For instance, if you keep your Christmas decoration in the garage, find another spot inside it where you can safely hide your gifts.

Hiding them outside your home. If there’s really no space in your home where you know your presents will be safe, you could always try hiding them at a friend or family members house if they have the space. Just make sure you keep track of what you have there, so you don’t forget how much you actually have brought.

Hiding them in plain site. If you are a super organised wrapper and like to get it done as soon as you have bought the presents, then why not just pop them straight under the tree? Instead of popping a Christmas tag on why not have different wrapping paper for each child, that way you know whose is whose but they don’t!

There are of course the more obscure hiding places that you could go for but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend them! In a 2019 survey carried out by Window Furnishing company Thomas Sanderson, 59% of their participants went to even greater lengths to keep their presents hidden from hiding them in the freezer, popping them in a waterproof bag and digging a hole in the garden and even pulling up the floorboards and popping them under!!

If your wardrobe isn’t up to the task of keeping all the Christmas presents well and truly hidden, speak to the specialists at Superglide Sliding Door Wardrobes today and see how they can help you with your storage solutions.