The Sliding Wardrobe Door Specialists

If you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom with sliding wardrobe doors you may be perusing high-end designer models like those featured in The Telegraph.  But then you notice the price tag.  And imagine the long wait and mass production attitude of a huge corporate designer operation.   At Superglide there’s none of that.

For twenty-five years now our family team has been beautifying bedrooms with our huge, high quality selection of bespoke sliding wardrobe doors all over the UK.

We provide a very personal, customised touch and we are never in a hurry.  Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced consultants who are both engineers and designers.  They’ll demonstrate for you why there’s no better way to jazz up a bedroom, and even, make it look bigger, than installing sliding wardrobes doors.

Why?  First off when you hide your piles of clothing and miscellaneous items from view you are creating a slick, streamlined effect which screams style.  Also, if you choose mirrored doors you create an illusion the room size is double.

Our consultants will walk you through each step of the process, presenting our wide array of frame and track colours to help you match whatever styles, patterns and colours your bedroom currently dons, to keep it stylishly consistent.

Consistency of colour, tone and texture has been shown to soothe the eye, and our highly trained consultants will help you make all these decisions. Our full-length panels are diverse enough to compliment the aesthetic in your bedroom, lending it a soothing tone.  Our team also produces and installs the frames that line your opening and a variety of interiors built specifically to your requirements.

Our sliding doors are manufactured with a steel base system topped with large MDF casing onto which we apply laminate of your choice: oak, maple, walnut, and beech.  Choose from Millennium, Cotswold, Oriental or a combination, if you have a daring sensibility.

We have dozens of colours, styles and textures to choose from: mirrored panels, coloured glass panels, frosted glass panels, wood grain panels and the selection expands every year. They need only to get the measurements, and we will even deliver your custom doors free of charge!  If you’d like to do the measuring yourself, check out our video tips!

But our in home service and extensive experience isn’t the only way we can save you time and money.  As you’re creating your storage solutions with your consultant, you can also peruse our matching bespoke bedroom furniture and bedside cabinets. Customizing chests, drawers and interiors to your specifications is another specialty, which allows you to be much more efficient while designing your bedroom.

Get it done all in one fell swoop, and then never worry about it again.  Our stock of basic materials is so abundant that your new bedroom can usually be delivered within three weeks of your order date.  So why fret over designer prices, snobby attitudes, long wait times and repeated shopping trips?  Get your renovation done in our one-stop family run showroom in Wiltshire. Let’s get started today.

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Dave Collins