Do you ever find yourself wishing that your clothes would smell fresher? Do you often wonder, “How can I make my wardrobe smell nicer“? I don’t know about you, but sometimes my clothes can start to smell a little funky. Maybe it’s because of how much time I spend at the gym, or maybe it’s because my dryer isn’t working properly. Either way, if this is something you are struggling with, then read on.

This article will share 5 genius hacks for keeping your wardrobe smelling amazing!

5 Genius Wardrobe Hacks for Getting Rid of Wardrobe Smells

1. Hang up your clothing in an open space

This tip is especially great for people who live in smaller spaces like apartment buildings where closets are not always available. Hanging up your clothing instead of folding them will allow air to circulate better and keep the fabric from sitting in your drawers for a long time. Spaces with poor air circulation will tend to retain a sense of mustiness to them, which can then affect how your clothes smell.

To remedy this, you can try changing some of your clothes. Find a specific area to hang them and install a rod or two. Depending on where you put the rods, whether against a wall near a dresser or in the corner of your room, this setup can also limit visual clutter.

In addition to using rods, you can make your clothes smell nicer by using wooden hangers. Hangers made of wood, such as red cedar, have a naturally pleasant and fresh aroma. They serve as a deodoriser, absorbing bad odours and moisture that can lead to mildew. Mildew can damage your clothes by leaving odour and stains on the fabrics.

2. Dry clothing properly before you store them away

Properly washing and drying your clothes is key to keeping them fresh for longer. Washing clothing thoroughly ensures that you’re removing bacteria, dirt, and odour, keeping them from clinging to the fabrics. To have your clothes smelling nicer and stain-free, it’s essential to do the laundry properly. So make sure to pour the right amount of detergent and choose the right temperature and spin cycle for your clothing. Additionally, it’s best to take your clothes from the washing machine as soon as the rinse cycles are done. Leaving them in the washing machine for too long can encourage mould build-up, which can contribute to bad odours in clothing.

Drying clothing properly is equally essential to washing them. Proper drying is another tip in keeping your clothes smelling nice and fresh. You can either dry them using a dryer or air-drying them indoors or outdoors. When drying indoors, make sure that there’s enough space between the items to allow proper air circulation. You can also use a fan for faster drying times. When drying outdoors, check that your clothesline is free of dirt that could transfer to clean clothing. Meanwhile, when using a dryer, keep the right temperature and dryer set in mind for each type of clothing.

3. Add your favourite fragrance

Different materials and products can help keep your clothes and wardrobe smelling nice for longer. Using fabric conditioner, for instance, is a simple way of adding a pleasant smell to clothing. Currently, there’s an abundance of fragrance options available to suit various preferences.

Another tip you can try is hanging an air freshener in your wardrobe. Choose an air freshener that doesn’t fade fast, and hang it at the back of your closet or the ends of your closet rods. You can also use a bag of potpourri, which you can hang in your closet. Other alternatives include gathering lavender or dried rose petals and putting them in a small bag.

To add some fragrance to your whole wardrobe, you can use tissue paper and spray them with your favourite perfume. Then tuck the perfumed tissue paper around areas of your closet. Alternatively, you can infuse cotton balls with essential oils and place them in your wardrobe as well.

For your drawers, used dryer sheets can be tucked at the back. You can also opt to utilise a strong yet pleasant-smelling soap. Simply wrap the soap in thin tissue paper or fabric, then place it in between your clothes. These are just some of the wardrobe ideas for smaller spaces that can help you keep the bad odour out of your drawers and closet.

4. Clean and organise your wardrobe

Over time, wardrobes get that musty smell due to poor air circulation. Behind the closed doors of your closet, bad odours can build up and stick to the things stored inside. To avoid this and keep things smelling fresh, regular cleaning and organising are necessary. You can try decluttering, which can free up some space in your wardrobe. Freed-up space can facilitate better airflow and help your clothes retain the scent of your laundry detergent and fabric conditioner.

Try not to cram all your clothing items in one space, as this can lead to poor circulation. Instead, go for some dividers to section the areas of your wardrobe. With well-designated sections, you’ll have fewer cramped spaces and haphazardly stored items.

5. Improve air circulation

As previously mentioned, poor air circulation can lead to unpleasant smells in your wardrobe and clothes. This could promote mould to grow and possibly damage clothing. Mould also comes with health risks and can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. You can counter the growth of mould by getting a dehumidifier. This leaves your wardrobe moisture-free, making it more difficult for mould to thrive.

Your wardrobe houses your clothing all year long, meaning it plays a part in keeping your clothes fresh and pleasant-smelling. How you arrange your wardrobe influences airflow and, consequently, how your clothes smell. It’s then essential to get a wardrobe that allows you to easily organise your valuables the way you want to.

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