The Sliding Wardrobe Door Specialists

You might be aware of fitted wardrobes and how they can provide an elegant solution to your need for storage space. For hanging clothes and accessories, storing folded garments and footwear.  Your next question might be then how you can fit a wardrobe into a living space.

You don’t need the perfect space to accommodate a wardrobe. A unit can be fashioned with sliding wardrobe doors made to measure to fit almost any room space, including those that are frequently wasted in a home. For instance, an alcove or spaces either side of a chimney breast.

So what styles would fit your requirements?

Small rooms can be better utilised where there’s not enough space for a walk-in wardrobe. Here, a custom fitted wardrobe will free up a room, accommodating clutter in a beautifully organised piece of furniture. Our professional wardrobe builders can work round what appear to be size-restricting options by building to a design what will fit perfectly with your personal style and taste, and of course your budget.

If space is an issue, you can add a shelf and drawers to one half of the wardrobe and install a dressing table and lighting so you can see what you’re doing. Include an arrangement of extra shelving and storage baskets to keep things neat and compartmentalised.

For understated chic choose a darker wood effect sliding doors for the bedroom. Add a mirrored panel to one of the sliding wardrobe doors to reflect light around the room.

Pale wood sliding wardrobe doors can act as a great centrepiece to a bedroom, allowing you to go bold with wallpaper designs on the walls in which the wardrobe is set.

Create extra space in a teenager’s room with high-gloss sliding doors in a bold blue or red to transition the room from a younger child’s space to something more grown-up and exciting.

You might consider making the bed the focal point of a bedroom by positioning wardrobes either side of it. This will create an alcove for your bed to slot into, which will add depth to a blank wall. Construct a shelf between the wardrobes to create some display space above the bed and fit wall lights into the alcove.

Consider carefully the design of your new wardrobe as you will probably want to live with that choice for a number of years.

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Dave Collins