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We all wish we had more living space, but did you know you already have a lot more space than you realise?

If you have enough room for a wardrobe, we’re a sliding door wardrobe company. Come take a look on this site at some of our stunning storage-saving designs.

If you just want more space, whatever the circumstances, think shelving for a start. No space is more underused than 12 inches or so below your ceiling. There’s the whole perimeter of the room you can use. Perfect for storing books. Or, install a shelf above your bedroom door to stow away spare blankets and towels.

Desks and dressers can also float, doing away with space-wasting table legs. You can build a shallow, rectangular box by cutting and nailing together wooden boards. Use an attractive wood such as oak. The box can then rest on three metal L brackets which can be screwed onto your bedroom wall (the box secured in turn by screwing it to the brackets).

We at Superglide Wardrobes, a sliding door wardrobe company, offer the ultimate storage solutions.

You can turn old drawers into stackable shelves or even a storage-handy bed headboard. You can always source these from second-hand furniture shops. They drawers can be stacked from the floor.

You can use all sorts of sizes and shapes. Arrange them beside and on top of each other, whichever way you like, and then secure them to the wall with screws. Don’t worry about spaces where the wall shows through. The whole construction can then be painted and customised. Plywood doors can be fashioned as doors which can be fastened to various drawers with hinges.

We’re all probably aware of the benefits of buying a bed frame with drawers. Storage beds can give you as many drawers as a dresser. Did you know, though, that you can also buy headboards with storage? Some designs house sliding racks allowing space for books, magazines, mementos etc.

Storage-coveters might look at their wall radiators and regret the space they use up, especially when they’re unused for a number of months a year. DIY-ing a radiator shelf or buying a cover is a good idea for safety and aesthetics. And if you buy one with attached shelving, you’ll get some extra storage space out of it too.

If DIY-ing your extra storage space isn’t your thing, come see what we a sliding door wardrobe company, can do for you.

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