Different Sliding Wardrobe Door Styles and Finishes

Not only are sliding wardrobe doors extremely convenient for a variety of different reasons, they can also be a great option if you’re looking to alter the décor of your room and even add a little touch of style. Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, they can brighten up even the smallest or dullest space and add style and class to create a pleasing interior design.

Mirrored finish

A well placed mirror is a great tool for giving the impression of a larger room. In rooms that are particularly small, a small bedroom for example, you may find that all you are able to comfortably fit inside is the bed and a chest of drawers. Built in wardrobes with sliding mirrored finish doors, offer both space saving storage with a multi-purpose mirrored front.

The full length floor to ceiling mirror will provide the illusion of a larger room, whilst ensuring you have a place to check your outfit before you leave the house. If you’re an aficionado of feng shui though, just remember a mirror shouldn’t be placed opposite a window!

Wooden finish

Wooden finished sliding wardrobe doors can be great for finishing off the decor of a room, so long as many different types of wood are not used together. For example, a dark wood floor with pine furniture and an oak wardrobe door might look out of place and somewhat mismatched.

However, all oak furniture and wardrobe doors look great with almost any floor finish. Of course, much of this is down to personal preference, but whatever your taste, wooden finished wardrobe doors can add the finishing touches to any room.

They can also be used to break up an otherwise bland space on the wall. Plain white walls are clean and bright, but a bit boring without accents. Wooden doors offer exactly what is needed to break up the monotony and create a stylish and relaxing yet minimalist look.


Plastic sliding wardrobe doors can be a great option in certain parts of the house, such as a child’s room, for example, with their tendency to practice their writing and drawing skills on the walls, furniture and wardrobe doors. The plastic option is not only easy to clean but is generally cheaper.

Being available in a variety of colours, they can also add a ‘fun’ style to your child’s bedroom or playroom. On top of that, they tend to be much more lightweight, while at the same time being very durable, so are easy to use and just right for heavy handed and sometimes clumsy kids…

It’s not just mirrored, wooden and plastic finishes that are available though, and there is an almost endless mix of finishes and styles that can be used to complete even the most challenging design style. If you have a larger wardrobe, for example, rather than a row of mirrored doors, a mix of wood and mirror can create a tasteful look that offers the luxurious appearance of wood with the convenience of a mirror.

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